Sunday, April 26, 2009


Greetings to all! Right now, I am sitting in the Wal-mart parking lot, hoping that I'll get another internet connection before we leave town. :-)

Life has been going along smoothly and happily for us. :-) Well, mostly. Except for the normal scratches and bruises and arguments that seem to punctuate our existence, things are just fine.
The family has been going to look for land a couple times or more a week. I happened to go with them once earlier last week... we found some beautiful land up by Duck Mountain. It was almost mountainous, with creeks running through it at the bottom. There were many trees... birch, poplar, evergreen, etc. It was perfect ranch country. :-) The R.M. Map showed that the land in that area all belonged to one family. 5 brothers who were all older, if names can be any indication of age. :-)

Dad called one of the brothers... although they aren't ready to sell right now, he was very friendly and gave Dad several names of people in the area who might be interested in selling their property. Nothing has come up of that yet, however.

Sara is growing like a flower in summer weather with just the right fertilizer, sunshine and rain. She's really starting to smile a lot... especially just after she's just woken up.

Well, I have a connection so should post this. :-) Thanks for all the comments on my last post. I do appreciate them! :-) And Samantha, I am 5'3". :-) Shorter than you. You could reach the top shelf in the kitchen cupboards. LOL! :-D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

pictures and a bit of an update :-)

Today, Uriah asked, “How old are you, Nomie?”
I told him. He looked up at me thoughtfully and said, “Yer quite short.”
I'm afraid I'm not doing justice to his tone of voice... you'll have to imagine it. :-)

Nothing too new here. Except that it would appear that spring has come... I am loving it's early arrival. It's so much fun to go outside with a sweater and not a heavy winter coat. :-) :-) I have been able to go outside every day for the last week or so. Gotta love the fresh air. :-)

The family is still looking for property. Dad offered twice on one piece but both were turned down... tomorrow, they are talking about heading up to an area near the SK/MB border to look around. Lydia and Ellie are both excited because they loved Manitoba. :-)

My health has been about the same. I have my good and bad days. My Dad didn't want to take me to Saskatoon for the vitamin C treatment (4 hours one way) so I have been trying to find something closer to home. Haven't had any success in that as of yet but it will all work out in the end... someway, somehow. :-)

Last night a friend brought over a movie about The Kettles. We're now fans. Why didn't we learn about this wonderful family before?! :-D LOL! So much of it we can relate to and the humor had us all totally cracked up several times. :-)