Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wuv... twue wuv

This story encouraged me. :-)

I need to stretch!

Hannah, Ellie and I were listening to a live recording of a male tenor last night. He was going along like normal... when, suddenly, he hit a some extremely high notes. As the crowd went wild, I sat up in bed.

"It's not fair that a guy can hit those notes!" I said, "I'm a girl and I can't go up that high."

Ellie looked up from her book, "Yeah, well. Maybe being 6'4 helps."

Maybe I was tired, but I couldn't stop laughing over that one. ;-)

Friday, January 30, 2009

And Life Goes On...

The treatments went well yesterday. My dr. said my body/system responded well to it. That is good news.

She still wants us to go to WA to get treatment from the doctor there. Right now, I think it will happen. Hopefully that will kick it.

And at this moment, I am feeling good! I am blessed. :-)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today I am going to my Dr. to have a major treatment done. Prayers for strength and wisdom are greatly appreciated.

If this doesn't work, we're off to Washington to see another Dr. Or at least that's the plan.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And The Word Came With Power

I just read a book called "And The Word Came With Power"... it chronicles the story of missionary Joanne Shetler who went to the Phillipines to translate the Bible into the native language. I like this book. The gospel message is clear and you can feel the love Joanne had for the people she ministered to there.

There were a lot of good quotes in it, but this one jumped right out and grabbed me:

"You can't teach people something if they steadfastly refuse to ask questions. That's just a courteous way of rejecting God."


Monday, January 26, 2009


My sister Ruth is three years old. I might be a little biased, but I think she's the cutest, sweetest little gal that I have ever met. She has such a tender heart.

When I'm in bed, she'll often sit beside me and hold my hand. And the other day, she leaned over, said, "I love you." Then she kissed my face and said, "You're my sweetheart."

My heart just melted into a big old puddle.

She is not only sweet, she's funny.
Today, Hannah bought her a 'princess dress' at the second-hand store. Ruth came running into my room to show me... "Look, Nomie! Look!" When I had duly admired it, she exclaimed, "I'm going to wear it to my wedding!"

This afternoon, I also found her running circles around my rocking horse. She stopped when she saw me, and said breathlessly, "You know why ::pant, pant:: I'm doing this ::gasp::?"
"No," I said, wonderingly.
"::gasp:: I'm getting ::pant:: exercises!"

Last night, on their way home from church she informed everyone that when she gets to be "Nomie's age" she's going to take vitamin E pills.


My dr. tells me that it is important for me to cough up what is in my lungs. I hadn't been coughing at all, but last night I had a rough time. I kept waking up not breathing and coughing... and this morning, I have had spells of coughing. I think it is good... but so far, nothing is breaking loose and coming up.

If you feel led to do so, could please pray specifically for this to happen?

Thanks. :-)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

the search continues

The land search was quick this time... My Dad and brother came back home yesterday. In Maple Creek, it was blizzarding and the wind was howling; typical Saskatchewan winter weather. :-P

Jesse said that at one point, they could feel the back of the truck jerk towards the edge of the road.... which just happened to be a steep embankment. He said that it was only because they were in the front of the truck that it didn't go over. Of course, Martha then informed him it was lucky he's so fat. Sibling love is the greatest. hehe.

When they arrived in Saskatchewan, Dad realized all the pictures he had seen on the internet of that area been taken at the park. Said park has trees and generally looked inviting. Needless to say, this trip was unprofitable, so once again, we're out of options. It will be interesting to see what God will bring into our lives. He's always taken care of us before, so I'm not real worried. One nice thing about this excursion was that they were able to stay with some friends in Medicine Hat, Alberta. It is good to be in contact with them again!

When Dad and Jess went through the US border on their way back home, Dad accidentally (he realized afterwards) told the border guard that they had just been visiting friends in Medicine Hat, British Columbia. The funniest part about that mistake was that the border guard didn't even blink. LOL!

I'm not feeling as good as yesterday but definitely better than earlier this week. I always seem to forget how good it is to feel good... but right now, I'm reveling in it. ;-)

Friday, January 23, 2009


Yep. That's what I woke up to this morning. More energy than I've had all week.

PTL! and thank you so much for all of your prayers! :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sibling humor

I love it when my siblings make me laugh.

Today, Martha (12) was telling Ellie (18) about a book she had just finished reading.

"The girl thought the worst mistake she could make was by kissing someone she wasn't married to." Martha said.

Ellie replied solemnly, "It is."


Last night, Zeke (9) came running downstairs and burst into my bedroom. "Nomie! Are you dead yet??!!!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009



health update

This morning, I talked to my Dr. She said that I have two different types of pneumonia and something else... in short, I have contracted a superbug. We're going to continue fighting it naturally.

The pain is less today. For that I am thankful!! I do feel very tired and am resting a lot in bed.

After talking with my dr., I was feeling very emotional and started asking God, "why me?" (feeling sorry for myself! :-)) His answer was, "I love you." I can't explain it, but that was enough. I am at peace with what is happening and what may happen.

If you feel led to do so, please pray that I'll remain cheerful and be a blessing to my family and anyone with whom I am in contact with. And that I'll remember God's answer. :-)

God bless you, my friends! Thank you. ::hugs::

Monday, January 19, 2009


Uriah (5) was conversing with our pastor's 3 month old daughter last night.

He said, "That dress is pretty, baby."

Oh yeah.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Search for Land

That sounds so like Christopher Columbus, doesn't it? We're not that adventurous. At least... I hope not. LOL!

For awhile there, it appeared that the door to Canada had been shut. But now, my dad is talking about going up to Saskatchewan and looking for land. It's been a long 10 (almost 11) months that we've been here... renting in a subdivision. It's been good. It's been a wonderful thing to go to church again and make new friends. To see a different culture.

But we're just not cut out to live in town. And it's hard to reconcile yourself to 1o acres when you used to have 480. So, perhaps this time, we'll find something with our name written on it.

An update on myself... my health has had good days and bad days. Today is a good day and I am feeling very happy and rested. Thanks to all for your prayers on my behalf! ::hugs::

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank you!

Thanks all for the comments/feedback on the last post. I appreciate it!

This morning I woke up feeling better than I have in awhile. I practiced the piano for almost an hour, then worked on our 2008 dvd. Around 3 pm, I was tired and my lungs were sore. But it was so nice to feel that improvement in the morning. Thank you so much for your prayers. They mean a lot to me.

I am posting a video that I made the other day of Lydia and Jesse when they had their little accident in the Frisbee game. I hope you enjoy it... we love it, but that's us. ;-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

May I Ask a Favor?

Sometimes I look at my blog and wonder... "Who reads this?" Even if it's just a peek every now and then, could you post a comment to let me know that you do take a peek? :-)

Also, can you tell me if you find my blog to be boring, interesting or just 'blah'? I love getting feed back!!

Oh... for those of you who can't post comments, just drop me an email. The little envelope at the bottom of the post is for just that purpose. Thanks! :-)

An update on my health: my lungs are clearing up. (I am so happy!) They do hurt a lot more now, I assume because they aren't used to all that wonderful oxygen. But I am getting better. :-) If you took the time to pray for me, thank you! :-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pictures and other odds and ends...

Following my sister Lydia's lead (, I decided to post some pictures. :-)

This is Zeke on board an ornery but very wise pony that belongs to some friends of ours. This picture is photoshopped... But I like it. ;-)

Lauren H. and myself. The former is a very talented musician and a good friend. We were having a ton of fun!

Typical Cilla. I love it when she hauls a cat around.

And this... is my Dad and a couple of my brothers shoveling our driveway. The snow is rather relentless here. If it's not coming down in big, fluffy flakes, it's melting and making ice. If I didn't know better, I'd say Kevin from Home Alone has figured out a way to mess with the weather. LOL!

And on a more personal note: my lungs are better than they were. I'm not well yet, of course (it's going to take up to 6 weeks at least to get this cleared out of my system), but I'm on my way. Thanks to all who have been praying for me. :-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have been diagnosed with pneumonia. I had it in March but apparently it came back or has never really left my system. I am relieved that it's this because it explains a lot of symptoms/concerns I've been having.

God is good. I mean it.

Could you pray that His healing hand would touch my body? And, more importantly, that I would keep a thankful attitude. :-) I love to complain... and there is so much to be thankful for. :-)I pray I keep that in mind.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

God is good!

I am going tomorrow to see a massage therapist. I am a little nervous because it's completely new territory for me... but God has been consistently reminding me for several days that He is good and what happens to me is what He allows. I am so thankful to be resting in that.

If you would please pray for me, I would appreciate it. :) I have some unspoken prayer requests.

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare it unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blogger problems -- fixed!

On my last post, there's no option for comments. Does anyone have trouble with this sometimes? I can't figure out why it does this or how to fix it. Can someone give me some pointers?

Thanks! :-)

[edit]: Guess what happened to me? As soon as I posted this, I fixed the problem. ;-) Just a click of the mouse down on the left hand side of the screen: "Post Options".

Gotta love life! ;-)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Odds and Ends...

Me: Hurry up, guys! I'm starving!"

Martha: Is your belly shaking hands with your backbone?

Lydia: You've been reading Louis L'Amour.

Such was our conversation at the dinner table. :-) We haven't been doing much, if you couldn't tell. Ellie made beans and homemade tortillas for lunch. They turned out very well. There's nothing like a bowl of hot beans, smothered in butter and a nice stack of homemade tortillas to eat with it. I got this recipe for tortillas from Well Tell Me, a website/forum devoted for folks like us who make things from scratch. :-)
Oh, I was just wondering... does anyone know of a tortilla press that isn't made out of aluminum? We can't seem to find any.

I spent a lot of time on our 2008 dvd today. I was about half way finished with I ran out of my creative juices. :-P Oh well. I'm working on our horse trip right now. We had some funny video footage of frisbee games that we played with the N. family while we were in town. I have been enjoying working with that.

Oh, another bit of news, Hannah just got a birthday gift from Courtney Wright. Among other things, it was a CD by a quintet entitled Blue Highway. It's gospel bluegrass and it's done really well. I love it! Anyone else heard of them?

check out their website:

Saturday, January 3, 2009


The mountains are beautiful with snow on them...

The Hand of God

Joy had long since faded
I felt I couldn't see.
I wondered where to step...
Would it be the end of me?
As I stumbled in the way
And fell to the sod,
I felt a hand in mine and realized
That hand was God's.

I'd forgotten He was there,
But I had never been alone.
He had just been waiting
'Til His strength was my own.
Waiting until I was desperate,
Then moving in a way
That Light crashed through my darkness
And changed my winter into May.

I found that I can tell Him
Each one of my dreams,
All of my struggles,
For He knows all things.
The trials that beset me
Are given from above
Sent by my Heavenly Father
From the depths of His love.

Some things may hurt
And send us to tears.
We may feel all alone
And give in to our fears.
But this we must remember
If we are trusting Him,
The hand that's holding yours
Won't leave you on a limb.

You see, He's the dearest Friend
That we could ever have.
With our eyes on His face,
We can walk by His grace.
Knowing that His hand's in ours
And He'll carry us through...
“Lord, we need not fear,
For we're trusting in You!”

--Naomi Holter
July 07

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Pirate's Son

Has anyone ever heard of the book, "The Pirate's Son" by Geraldine McCaughrean? I read it recently and found it to be quite fascinating. It certainly lends a different perspective to the era. Not written from a Christian perspective but it made me search my heart, just the same. I am more religious than I thought!