Tuesday, January 20, 2009

health update

This morning, I talked to my Dr. She said that I have two different types of pneumonia and something else... in short, I have contracted a superbug. We're going to continue fighting it naturally.

The pain is less today. For that I am thankful!! I do feel very tired and am resting a lot in bed.

After talking with my dr., I was feeling very emotional and started asking God, "why me?" (feeling sorry for myself! :-)) His answer was, "I love you." I can't explain it, but that was enough. I am at peace with what is happening and what may happen.

If you feel led to do so, please pray that I'll remain cheerful and be a blessing to my family and anyone with whom I am in contact with. And that I'll remember God's answer. :-)

God bless you, my friends! Thank you. ::hugs::


Jessica said...

Do you have a history of a weak immune system? I hope that's not too personal of a question to ask on a public blog! I won't be offended if you delete this comment. :)

Naomi said...

No, I don't... my dr. said that this has just come back from me having it in March.

It's not too personal. :-)

I hope you're all keeping well!

Kristen said...

Praying for you Naomi!

Naomi said...

Thanks Kristen. :-) :-)

God bless you.