Monday, January 5, 2009

Odds and Ends...

Me: Hurry up, guys! I'm starving!"

Martha: Is your belly shaking hands with your backbone?

Lydia: You've been reading Louis L'Amour.

Such was our conversation at the dinner table. :-) We haven't been doing much, if you couldn't tell. Ellie made beans and homemade tortillas for lunch. They turned out very well. There's nothing like a bowl of hot beans, smothered in butter and a nice stack of homemade tortillas to eat with it. I got this recipe for tortillas from Well Tell Me, a website/forum devoted for folks like us who make things from scratch. :-)
Oh, I was just wondering... does anyone know of a tortilla press that isn't made out of aluminum? We can't seem to find any.

I spent a lot of time on our 2008 dvd today. I was about half way finished with I ran out of my creative juices. :-P Oh well. I'm working on our horse trip right now. We had some funny video footage of frisbee games that we played with the N. family while we were in town. I have been enjoying working with that.

Oh, another bit of news, Hannah just got a birthday gift from Courtney Wright. Among other things, it was a CD by a quintet entitled Blue Highway. It's gospel bluegrass and it's done really well. I love it! Anyone else heard of them?

check out their website:

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