Thursday, April 28, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

For those of you who pray, please offer up petitions for Jesse and me today. We have a major decision to make and we need to be wise. More details later. :-)

Thank you!

I Love The Far Side

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Thoughts of the Day

Let me just say that exciting things have been happening and that I haven't been neglecting you on purpose!

Very randomness:
I am praying for wisdom today, for both Jesse and myself.

PLANS to scan and print pictures at 3 pm, when I get off work. I can't wait to get started with that!! :-) Yes, Linds, they're for you. :-D

IN forgetting to set my alarm clock at the usual time, I woke up an hour late. But I feel so energetic and ready to rock the world...

FREE will... many thoughts about it and how it applies to humans, God and the circumstances around us.

YESTERDAY evening, for supper, I created a dish out of the leftovers from this meal (click on link to go to recipe) by adding another can of beans and some beef broth. So good. Mm.

Cheerio, friends and not-friends. :-) May you all have a most wonderfully marvelous day and may your dinners all have the right amount of salt.

Yes, I feel good. :-D

Friday, April 22, 2011

In The Paper

I love seeing pictures of the play performances in the paper. :-) The article written about "Exit The Body" can be found here. I am currently looking for pictures. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Broken and Empty .... Whole and Overflowing

And a superscription also was written over him in letters of Greek, and Latin, and Hebrew,

And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us.
But the other answering rebuked him, saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss.

And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Sun is Shining!

Theatre was amazing. :-) Yes, it is always a lot of work and yes, by Sunday, we're all exhausted and "punch drunk" to quote Michele and Kristy! But it was amazing. The experience is always invaluable. Working with so many wonderful people and making new friends.... I can say sincerely that I do not regret a moment. :-) 

We did not have many flubs.. one that sticks out in my mind happened on Saturday in the first act. One line was forgotten and we had to figure out where we were at. :-) It took a couple minutes of floundering before everything was back on track. It was not terribly obvious to the crowd, though. We didn't come out of character and the story line stayed the same. 

Yesterday, I was so tired. I made it through the day (it was a good day!) but by the time I got home, I was almost falling over. I went to bed at 10 or so and slept like the proverbial log. I woke up feeling really good. :-) Energy level is up, etc. The only thing is my allergies are kicking in with spring. Or shall we say, with the dust. However, I will just carry around tissue with me and be fine. :-D 

I worked almost all day in the photolab yesterday. It was closed on Saturday because there were only three of us on the floor that day (well, Marcia left mid-afternoon because of a funeral... which left just Anna and myself..) and we had stock to put on the shelves. So yesterday, we had a lot of photo orders that needed to be filled. Plus, a lot of older people came in to get pictures. It's really interesting watching/helping them trying to figure out the computers and all this digital photography. I find it fascinating to think how many ways they have seen pictures get developed over the years. Sometimes I wish I would have been born earlier to have been able to learn the older processes. I do like the digital process though. :-) And I love my job. :-D 

Jesse and I have our own address now! We received a phone call from the post office that they had a box for us. We're both so excited. :-) We spent time discussing how we were going to remember the Box #. Neither of us are good with numbers. Our methods are quite different but it helps that we both have siblings born in 1987. Lol. 

I haven't been able to work anymore on wedding details since last week but I'm hoping in the upcoming days to be able to work on guest list. My mom, sisters and Lindsey are throwing a bridal shower for me up in Endeavour on May 6th. Mom said I could invite anyone I wanted to. So, if you're in the area around that time, drop in. :-) I am really looking forward to it. It will be lots of fun to see everyone again... especially the kids. I received a letter from Ruth yesterday and I am a little homesick for them. 

So... today I work and teach and enjoy my evening. I am able to teach one of my students an hour lesson today to make up for the one I had to cancel when I was sick. I am glad for that. After this week, I will only have around five students to make up lessons with. It's simply a matter of organization. (Which isn't a strong point of mine!) Lol. 

What have you all been doing lately? Have you been learning anything lately? Discovered something exciting? Does anyone like 1920's era music? 

I'm not previewing this because I need to run to work right away... I have high hopes of it's readableness. :-) Ya'll have a great day!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The first performance went really quite well, I think. It feels good to have one night behind us!! Only one major thing went badly and that was Dianne missed a step on the stairs in the dark... she fell into the wall and hurt her knee quite badly. She is the main character in the play and she's also very dear to all of us, so between those two facts, we were quite worried about her and the situation! I hope she is feeling better by tomorrow night. That knee looked so painful...

And I need to get up at 7 or so tomorrow morning because I work all day. Then, another performance in the evening. My life is very busy right now. Lol. Thankfully today was restful!

Friday, April 15, 2011

God, Life's Cycles, Faith and Marshmallows

So, why am I craving marshmallows? I don't like marshmallows. They're fluffy. :-P But I'm craving them like all get out this evening. :-P That and chocolate. Honestly! It's interesting how cravings run in circles. Some days I want something very herbal and strong (preferably oregano). Other days, all I can think about is eating something sweet. I'm sure there must be a scientific explanation to this. ;-)

But life goes in cycles.. all of life. Some days, I am on top of the world. Other days, I struggle with negativity, fears, anger, judgment... But each day, regardless of how I feel about myself, I know one thing never changes: someone loves me. God's love has become very tangible in that Jesse's love for me is so enveloping... and yet, I know that God's love is far more perfect. The thought overwhelms me! I cannot comprehend the love that surrounds me. I don't understand. I don't deserve it. But, oh, I am so very, very thankful.

Perhaps there is someone out there who feels very low right now. I do not know the the darkness you experience. I only know that no matter how deep the pain or how fearsome the flashbacks or how negative I feel about myself, God... that presence beyond my comprehension... never leaves me. But it is only when I remember His love and look to Him that life starts making sense again. That's when I realize that living with fear and negative thoughts are not the way God wants me to live. Living in in joy and love is what He wants for us.

Here is something I've found myself saying lately: "I can't stand those people! They're so full of judgement and anger and themselves! They just can't accept people for who they are. I wish they would get their act together." Some irony there.... and a lot of hypocrisy. Feeling the weight of my faults and weaknesses was what made the guilt kick in lately. It is interesting how good things (regret) can be used both negatively and positively. I don't want to be a hypocrite. I despise hypocrisy! I hate it when people judge others, forgetting about the beam in their own eye. So, when it comes time for my eyes to be opened, I can despise myself and feel depressed (concentrating on myself) or I can just not be a hypocrite and get over my poor decisions (concentrating on others).

[Ruth 2007]

Some lessons must be learned again... again... and yet, again. :-) Again, I am so grateful for those who love me for who I am, the good and the bad.

Today, I worked at PharmaSave until the usual time, then came home to teach. I had one lesson today, but I taught for an hour... trying to make up for some lessons I have missed. I am hoping to be able to pick up some more lessons with other students, as well. Anyways, today's lesson went well! We were able to concentrate on five songs. Half hour lessons go by so fast! The songs that Savanna is learning are mostly songs that I really like. :-) Th at fact makes for some very enjoyable teaching and awesome inspiration.

Around 10 this morning, I received a phone call at work that they were calling back one of my students to play in the final concert at the Redvers Festival. Talk about excited. :-D One of her certificates is also getting upgraded. Then, I got a message tonight regarding my other student involved with the Festival: she's getting called back for another award as well. I am just thrilled. Positively pleased. :-D

As far as wedding plans are going... I believe the invitations are next but the guest list is also high priority. Ha. Obviously. Anyways.

I'm listening to The Marcels. I love them. They're my new favorite group. :-)

Anyways, my eyes are trying to shut now, so I suppose I should go to bed. Tomorrow is the first day of theatre. I am looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to seeing Jesse. Good night, peoples. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Give light and darkness will disappear of itself. -- Desiderius Erasmus

I don't deserve this reward, but I have arthritis and I don't deserve that either. -- Jack Benny

Hatred is a very underestimated emotion. -- Jim Morrison

It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important. -- Arthur Conan Doyle

The moment you think you understand a great work of art, it's dead for you. -- Oscar Wilde

Love is supreme and unconditional; like is nice but limited. -- Duke Ellington

I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments. -- Jim Morrison

Whatever is begun in anger is ended in shame. -- Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am Busy. I am Happy. Life is Insane.

Good morning from beautiful Saskatchewan! The sun is shining and the snow is almost all melted. I am really excited to be outdoors today. :-) For some reason this weather reminds me of the spring of 2009, when Sara was born. Spring, to me, is hope of beauty. It is ugly in itself but it helps us hang on through the last few days when winter is being banished to the North Pole for the summer. And summer is beautiful. Green. Bursting with life.

Yesterday, I woke up late and did very little all day. After having a crazy schedule for the past few weeks, I was glad for a day to relax. As you can see, I spent the time working on my blog, among other things. It was just so nice to be inactive for a day. ::sigh::

Then, at 7-ish, the Twietmeyers picked me up for theatre practice. That went really well... we ended at a quarter after 10. We are going to try to cut down the time even more but honestly, three hours is not bad considering how intense this play is. So much action and people *having* to be in their places. Wow.

One of the really wonderful things about this practice was that I really felt like I was Lillian. I slipped into my character like I was putting on a dress. I am Lillian. Fashion designer. Proud. Arrogant. Completely in love with my new hubby. ;-) And I do love the outfits I have to wear, btw. I love them so much in fact, that I want to have our engagement pictures taken with Jesse and me in costume.

Wedding plans... well, we got a bunch of stuff from a woman who is moving back to Spain, so I have been trying to decide what we want and what I should add to the wedding registry. Jesse and I have both added quite a few items lately. I am also going to try to register on Walmart and Sears. We shall see how that goes.

Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to Spring?!

I love Jesse.

Today: work; teaching; theatre; chocolate. ::innocent smile::

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Various and Exciting Happenings In The Life Of Naomi

Just when life couldn't get any more exciting or better, it does and I'm having trouble sitting still. Lol! 

In order: my long companions The Top Braces came off on the 7th. My bottom jaw wasn't ready but my top jaw was. I just couldn't wait to get back to Twietmeyer's to brush and floss my teeth. Lol! It feels sooo good to be able to run my tongue over my teeth and not get it caught on a wire or two. :-) And while I'm still being careful, I have been eating some harder things without worrying about it wrecking anything. 

Yesterday, Jesse and I looked at another place for sale in White Bear and have been seriously discussing another. I am very curious to see what the final decision will be from us. We need to look at it again before we decide. I am praying that God will guide us and help us make a good choice. It's a little overwhelming sometimes! But, oh-so-exciting... let's go eat chocolate to celebrate growing up!! :-D Haha! ;-) (Ok. I'm hyper.) 

Another exciting thing? Michele brought back a purse/bag from NYC for me. I adore it. It's green, maroon and gold. Pretty! 

And... what else is there to say? Lindsey got the measurements from Mom and the girls for sewing skirts and dresses. I am really excited about that. :-) 

April 5th marked Jesse's and my 5th monthaversary together. I can't believe it's been that long but I also feel like it's been a lot longer. (I just love conflicting emotions!) So, on the 7th, we decided to have a date. :-) Going on dates with Jesse is just plain fun. ;-) It consisted with us eating ice-cream at DQ, buying movies we'd always wanted to buy (or see) at Walmart and going out to dinner at the Chalet in Yorkton. Good date. :-)

Anyways. I should go practice the piano. :-) Life is good and life is busy. I am so thankful. :-)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is That Even Possible?

I accidentally bought fat free sour cream the other day.

Firstly: Head against wall.
Secondly: How does fat free sour cream even exist?
Thirdly: Ew.

Today at work, I saw a brand that read: Outlasts Longlasting. Ha!That just cracks me up. :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Humor -- for your day

My friend Bekah sent a forward with this picture enclosed. The caption was, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..." 
Does anyone else sometimes wake up in the morning and all you can think about is how many hours until you can fall asleep again? That was me about an hour and a half ago. Theatre practice was over three and half hours last night and after all day at work? That makes for a tired me. 

But I received good news that brightened me up immensely. :-) There is a music festival in Redvers each year and two of my students were competing in it. Both of them received marks in the 80's for their performances, which is very good. I am so pleased. They practiced so hard! Karli's mom called me this morning to ask for a music book... the song that Karli played yesterday was a difficult piece for her. The timing is strange... there is a key change, etc. While we were playing through the last lesson, trying to attain difficult status of perfection, I felt my stress level rising and I realized that it was affecting the girls, as well. Then, the thought crossed my brain that it didn't matter about winning or getting it perfect or anything else. What mattered here was that both girls give their 110% and that would be good enough. So, we concentrated on that and had some fun. :-)

That doesn't mean that I didn't pray all morning yesterday. Hehe. :-) I'm curious to see how well Karli does today. :-)

Work calls! :-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

We got dumped on heavily all night with white stuff. Woke up this morning in White Bear with about 12 inches of fresh snow. Jesse asked me this evening if I could believe this was April. Lol. I don't know if I've ever seen so much snow in this month before.

Tomorrow, I go to work all day.. then, at 7 we have a rehearsal for the theatre production coming right up. Jesse  walked me through my lines today and I got more into my character. It's interesting how just slightly altering the tone of my voice, speed of the words and using hand gestures can add so much depth and interest. I love learning this... I also enjoy having awesome tutors. Mainly Jesse and Dianne!

Anyways, it's past midnight. Have a great week, everyone. :-) 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Thoughts of the Day

The sun is out and the sky is blue. The snow is melting and leaving huge puddles everywhere. I am feeling quite happy about it. :-) The winter was strange this year; extremes on both sides of the thermometer. I couldn't get used to it! So, I will be glad when it's finally warm. :-) Then, I won't have to be bundled up while walking to work, I'll be able to ditch my poor, holey black leggings and run about freeeeee!! :-D

It has been interesting to hear the responses to my wedding planning. Such positivity, so many opinions, everyone being as helpful and sweet as can be. We are so blessed! Today, Jesse and I and his dad are going to look at some places to buy. Jesse, Lindsey and I had looked at them before but, obviously, only from the outside. It will be interesting if the places we thought most promises remain that way upon further inspection. I am actually very excited about this. Having a place to get ready to live in is something Jesse and I have both been wanting for awhile. One thing I hadn't counted on when I was thinking about my (future) wedding was the feeling of longing just to be married. :-) Planning the wedding is fun but sometimes it seems to be all so unnecessary and in the way of preparing for married life. Lol. However, the sensible part of my brain always knows how much I want my grandparents, family members and good friends to see Jesse and I exchange our vows. And goodness knows that as hermit-ish as the two of us are, we both love a gathering of people we love (i.e. party ;-)).

When we were getting the fabric for the wedding, the lady measuring it for us asked if this was for my wedding. She then said she could see a nice yellow or orange going with the green we had gotten. She is totally right, those colors would go really nicely. But as you all know, I have delphiniums in mind. "Actually, I thought blue," I said. Her jaw dropped and her eyes were astonished. "Blue??!" she queried. She was such a lovely, inhibited person. I love people like her. ;-) Lindsey and I kept chuckling to each other and saying, "Blue??!" ;-)