Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Thoughts of the Day

The sun is out and the sky is blue. The snow is melting and leaving huge puddles everywhere. I am feeling quite happy about it. :-) The winter was strange this year; extremes on both sides of the thermometer. I couldn't get used to it! So, I will be glad when it's finally warm. :-) Then, I won't have to be bundled up while walking to work, I'll be able to ditch my poor, holey black leggings and run about freeeeee!! :-D

It has been interesting to hear the responses to my wedding planning. Such positivity, so many opinions, everyone being as helpful and sweet as can be. We are so blessed! Today, Jesse and I and his dad are going to look at some places to buy. Jesse, Lindsey and I had looked at them before but, obviously, only from the outside. It will be interesting if the places we thought most promises remain that way upon further inspection. I am actually very excited about this. Having a place to get ready to live in is something Jesse and I have both been wanting for awhile. One thing I hadn't counted on when I was thinking about my (future) wedding was the feeling of longing just to be married. :-) Planning the wedding is fun but sometimes it seems to be all so unnecessary and in the way of preparing for married life. Lol. However, the sensible part of my brain always knows how much I want my grandparents, family members and good friends to see Jesse and I exchange our vows. And goodness knows that as hermit-ish as the two of us are, we both love a gathering of people we love (i.e. party ;-)).

When we were getting the fabric for the wedding, the lady measuring it for us asked if this was for my wedding. She then said she could see a nice yellow or orange going with the green we had gotten. She is totally right, those colors would go really nicely. But as you all know, I have delphiniums in mind. "Actually, I thought blue," I said. Her jaw dropped and her eyes were astonished. "Blue??!" she queried. She was such a lovely, inhibited person. I love people like her. ;-) Lindsey and I kept chuckling to each other and saying, "Blue??!" ;-)


Anonymous said...

You have to have blue! :P I think the idea of delphs are great never mind what the cashier said, you can have fun with it! hehe

I can understand the thoughts of just wanting to get it over with so you can be married instead of the dragging out of the planning, but I know after it is over you will be ever so glad you had the wedding! :)

I hope you find a nice house, will be fun to set up your own place and make it all cozy and sweet!

Hadassah's Corner said...

I love hearing how your wedding plans are going. there are many times when I wonder why weddings take so much preparation for only one day of celebration. But that's what getting married is all about. :-) Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing more! Having a place of your own will be marvelous! Will you buy a place then or rent for a while or ? Good luck on the search!

I love people who speak their mind and yet do it in a sweet way too. I can imagine her reaction when you said blue though. =D
I love delph blue. Blue and green go well together anyway.

Naomi said...

Jaclynn, the more I compare the two colors, the more I think I will use blue. :) I would like to add some cream in there but I want to be careful with it. Today, I searched on Google images for bridesmaids dressed in sage green and looked at their bouquets. Most of them used cream roses/flowers and they looked washed out in the photographs. So... I'm hopefully going to avoid that. Hopefully. :D

Yes. I'm going to love having had the wedding. I know I will. :) :) This is definitely my sensible self speaking. Lol. ;)

Hannah, a.k.a Eruanna, I wonder the same thing. The best reason I can come up with at the moment is I want a time when many of the loved people in our lives can have a reason to gather at one place and celebrate something happy and beautiful. Cornerstone has taught me about how gatherings can be amazing. :)

Samantha, we would hopefully be purchasing a place. Rent is something that I don't like the idea of paying out each month. However, if that's what happens, that's what happens. Nothing is sure yet. We looked at three places today and nothing feels exactly right yet. So, we're being thought-filled as we try to make some serious decisions. Prayers are appreciated. It will be wonderful having our own place!

Bekah said...

*laughs and agrees* :D

Singing Pilgrim said...

Blue is my favorite. I know I already commented that on a post of yours, but it bears repeating. It's just so lovely, especially the shade you're looking at. I've already decided blue will be my 'color' (which will surprise no one). Since I'm not engaged yet, I'm not letting myself like actually buy anything, but I can think about it in my head. :)