Saturday, April 9, 2011

Various and Exciting Happenings In The Life Of Naomi

Just when life couldn't get any more exciting or better, it does and I'm having trouble sitting still. Lol! 

In order: my long companions The Top Braces came off on the 7th. My bottom jaw wasn't ready but my top jaw was. I just couldn't wait to get back to Twietmeyer's to brush and floss my teeth. Lol! It feels sooo good to be able to run my tongue over my teeth and not get it caught on a wire or two. :-) And while I'm still being careful, I have been eating some harder things without worrying about it wrecking anything. 

Yesterday, Jesse and I looked at another place for sale in White Bear and have been seriously discussing another. I am very curious to see what the final decision will be from us. We need to look at it again before we decide. I am praying that God will guide us and help us make a good choice. It's a little overwhelming sometimes! But, oh-so-exciting... let's go eat chocolate to celebrate growing up!! :-D Haha! ;-) (Ok. I'm hyper.) 

Another exciting thing? Michele brought back a purse/bag from NYC for me. I adore it. It's green, maroon and gold. Pretty! 

And... what else is there to say? Lindsey got the measurements from Mom and the girls for sewing skirts and dresses. I am really excited about that. :-) 

April 5th marked Jesse's and my 5th monthaversary together. I can't believe it's been that long but I also feel like it's been a lot longer. (I just love conflicting emotions!) So, on the 7th, we decided to have a date. :-) Going on dates with Jesse is just plain fun. ;-) It consisted with us eating ice-cream at DQ, buying movies we'd always wanted to buy (or see) at Walmart and going out to dinner at the Chalet in Yorkton. Good date. :-)

Anyways. I should go practice the piano. :-) Life is good and life is busy. I am so thankful. :-)


DelightinginHim said...

Beautiful smile! :)
So happy for you! I still remember when I got my braces off on St. Patricks' Day when I was 12 and I was so thankful!
Ohh, sounds like a fun 5-month aversary , lol.

Hadassah's Corner said...

Sweet deal sister. :-) I loved having my top braces off and now I'm waiting on the bottom braces as well. It'll be so nice to have them off and I will be free of metal. hehe.
Sounds like Spring is getting to you... :-)

Bekah said...

I posted a random blog post today too...gotta love it... ;) lol

Lindsey said...

I know isn't it so funny how something can feel not so long and yet very long at the same time. It doesn't make sense but that is just the way it is. :)

Ooh, your purse sounds purty. ;) Pics??

Hope you guys are able to decide on a house there soon!

When will the bottom braces come off?

Miss Kirsten said...

yay! I'm loving all the updates and wedding talk ~ makes me feel like my hope chest will actually come in handy someday :-)

Naomi said...

Jaclynn, thank you! :) It's an amazing feeling having those braces off.

Hannah, let's start a 'be free of metal campaign'. ;) Lol! YES, I'm lovin' it!! And I'm also loving Spring!

Bekah, I will read that blog post. ;)

Linds, I knew you would agree with the existence of contradicting feelings. :D Hehe. I will have to post pictures of my purse. I used it for the first time the other day. :)

My bottom braces come off in June, he said. I'm really hoping such is the case.

Kirsten, it is interesting to think back to the days when I was very single and very skeptical of ever finding a guy who would be the perfect fit for me. (Btw, Jesse is not perfect but he really does fit me perfectly. I need his imperfections.) I hope that the day will soon come when you will find a companion who is perfect for you. :hugs: It's far, far better than I could have ever imagined!

Samantha R. said...

Yay for getting the top braces off. I still remember the feeling very well. FREEDOM!! and oh so smooth! :)

I'm sure you had a fun date night!

Celebrating with chocolate and/or ice cream always works for me too.

Singing Pilgrim said...

You've only been together 6 months? (now, since I'm writing this in May). Is it silly that makes me happy? First off, the fifths are our monaversaries too, but May 5 was our tenth. Secondly, I know my family think that only being together a year (which is about when it will be when we are actually engaged, when I go to India) is a really short time. So it makes me happy when I see couples that don't seem impulsive or crazy getting engaged in an even shorter timespan.

My parents were together 4 1/2 years before they got engaged with a 6 month engagement, my older sister and her husband were together 3 1/2 years with an 18 month engagement, and my younger sister and her fiance were together for 4 1/2 years and will probably be engaged for ~20 months.

So they all think I'm rushing things getting engaged after a year.

But they also all met as teenagers, where as I met Ryan when I was 24, and I think that makes a huge difference. They all have/ will have got/ten married younger than I will be when I marry Ryan. (Mom was 22 and Dad 23, my older sister and her husband were both 22, and my younger sister will be 23 and her fiance 24)

Naomi said...

I always thought I would have a long courtship/getting to know you period before getting engaged. But with Jesse, we were both older... we knew exactly what was right for us. There's a difference when you're older, just like you said. :) I think God writes us love stories that are unique for each of us.

One rule of thumb for us: we will listen to advice, but we won't follow it if we feel it's not right for us. Don't let others influence you in ways you feel isn't right. :) :)