Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am Busy. I am Happy. Life is Insane.

Good morning from beautiful Saskatchewan! The sun is shining and the snow is almost all melted. I am really excited to be outdoors today. :-) For some reason this weather reminds me of the spring of 2009, when Sara was born. Spring, to me, is hope of beauty. It is ugly in itself but it helps us hang on through the last few days when winter is being banished to the North Pole for the summer. And summer is beautiful. Green. Bursting with life.

Yesterday, I woke up late and did very little all day. After having a crazy schedule for the past few weeks, I was glad for a day to relax. As you can see, I spent the time working on my blog, among other things. It was just so nice to be inactive for a day. ::sigh::

Then, at 7-ish, the Twietmeyers picked me up for theatre practice. That went really well... we ended at a quarter after 10. We are going to try to cut down the time even more but honestly, three hours is not bad considering how intense this play is. So much action and people *having* to be in their places. Wow.

One of the really wonderful things about this practice was that I really felt like I was Lillian. I slipped into my character like I was putting on a dress. I am Lillian. Fashion designer. Proud. Arrogant. Completely in love with my new hubby. ;-) And I do love the outfits I have to wear, btw. I love them so much in fact, that I want to have our engagement pictures taken with Jesse and me in costume.

Wedding plans... well, we got a bunch of stuff from a woman who is moving back to Spain, so I have been trying to decide what we want and what I should add to the wedding registry. Jesse and I have both added quite a few items lately. I am also going to try to register on Walmart and Sears. We shall see how that goes.

Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to Spring?!

I love Jesse.

Today: work; teaching; theatre; chocolate. ::innocent smile::


Anonymous said...

Having a day off to just relax is much needed sometimes. I am still looking for that day off, hehe, been crazy busy this last week and will be again this week.

I think that would be perfect, taking your engagement pics in costume!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that life is going well for you and that it's all insane =D

I am eating chocolate today too.

yes, take your photos in costume!! That would totally be "you"! :)

Let us know where all you end up registering so we can take a look!

Naomi said...

Jaclynn, when that lovely day off comes make sure you enjoy it!

Samantha, I intend to register at all three places. Lol. But we have already registered at amazon. The link is on the Jesse and Naomi page of my blog. :)

Hadassah's Corner said...

Sounds like your life has decided to become normal... hehe crazy things happen when it's normal. :-) I want to see those pictures Naomi. :-)

Naomi said...

Life gets crazy when it's normal?? I suppose that makes sense. Lol. I'll for sure send you some of those pictures. :) I think they turned out very well.

Bekah said...

*is laughing* I love your posts..and your new blog look is fabulous! :D

Naomi said...

Aw! Thanks for the compliment. I find Sara so adorable. :) :D