Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This summer was a pretty amazing summer for me. :-) So many firsts: first job away from home, first time I had ever spent more than a month away from my family, first time to have 'real' employer, first time to have to be our own person, etc.

Two months of camp... then came music camp. First day of week 1: I walk into the Mother Teresa Centre and who should be standing at the table signing up but a very tall man with a beard and hair. My sisters and I looked at each other and one of us said, "Well, you can tell he's a musician." Then we laughed. ;-)

A few hours later, we were getting split into groups and wouldn't you know it? We ended up in the same class. I was more curious about him than anything. I thought he was an older man (30's) because he acted maturely and with thought... Even on the first day, I really enjoyed that class. We had a really nice range of students and abilities. And I *loved* our instructor, Ken. He and I got along well from the first moment we spoke... he taught in such a way that I discovered a new understanding of music.

Anyways, the majority of our class got to be fairly good friends with one another and that included Jesse. He had such an interesting take on music that I was curious of what he thought about the rest of life. I can't remember who began the first conversation but it was something I remember wanting to repeat. I liked his mind. We didn't agree on everything but it was surprising how much we did agree on... I really enjoyed seeing how he came to his conclusions. He had interesting thought processes. His friendship added to the class was making it one of the best I have ever experienced.  Then, one day, I caught him looking at me. 

That was the beginning of something extremely frustrating for me. You see, I had just been enjoying this friendship with a young man (he was only 25) and here he had to feel something else. The remainder of the two weeks, I spent trying to maintain a healthy distance but still be friends. I sensed that he needed a friend and I was quite willing to be that... but I already appreciated him enough as a person that I was afraid of hurting him. I tried every way I knew how to prove to him that I wasn't interested. Lol! And Jesse? Well, he was always very much the honorable gentleman but he was also very persistent.

After camp ended, I came to live in Carlyle. Since the people I am staying are good friends of his, he came over often. I enjoyed and dreaded his visits... the enjoyment was from our very interesting and growth encouraging conversations. Every time I would talk with him, I was amazed at his wisdom. He made me look at life in a completely different light. Because he truly walks the path, he showed me things about God that I had known but hadn't really known. After each visit, I would go sit in my room and search my soul.

The reason I dreaded the visits because even though he was very careful, I knew how he felt about me. The better I got to know him, the more I respected and liked him... and hurting him was the greatest fear I had. I kept wondering how to approach him to tell him I wasn't interested. But there never seemed to be a good time. And to be honest, down in the depths of my innermost hearts, there was a suspicion growing... that possibly there was a dawning of a brand new day. 

The most amazing aspect of our relationship is the fact that God had been speaking to my heart about Jesse from almost the first moment we met. I fought it. I did not feel worthy of such a man nor did I feel ready for love. I think that most of the latter feeling was from fear... for with love there is always the probability of pain. But finally, God made me so miserable that I gave it up to Him. :-) :-) (The emoticons are because I knew beforehand how much peace I would find in God's will... and not only that, happiness and joy. It's ironic that I valiantly fought happiness for so long!) With every ounce of sincerity I possessed, I told Him that whatever He wanted, I was willing.

The next day, November 5th,  Jesse told me... well, he just told me something. :-) Then, he asked if we could take the relationship a step further. Since we were in the car on the way to my orthodontist appointment (9 hour drive, round trip), we got to talk a lot about it. I was further amazed at his wisdom but also at the great peace I felt. I knew without a doubt what God wanted me to reply. So I told Jesse 'yes' with fear and trembling and great peace. 

I so love defying logic. :-) 

Since then, it has been getting to know each other better. Hours and hours spent in each other's company, talking, playing music... realizing that love can grow as quickly or slowly as it pleases. Realizing the uncertainties and the certainties. For me, realizing how much joy can come from trusting in God to write each chapter of my life. The more I get to know Jesse, the more I realize how he is very perfect for me. We still have a long ways to go but I already see and feel so much joy. I pray that our hearts will always be for the other and God. 

Please pray for us. 

Am I happy with my reply to Jesse's query of relationship? Yes. :-) It's up to you to imagine how happy I am for there are no words to describe it. 

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rejoicings plus Odds and Ends

Though our feelings come and go, God's love for us does not. -- C.S. Lewis

My thoughts lately, "I can't believe I said that!" "I'm such a ditz." "I don't know how anyone could like me." It's interesting how sensible and correct they seem when they pop into my mind and I stow them away without examining them.

But when I do take them out and look at them, I see how destructive and wrong these thoughts are. Why are they wrong? They're proud thoughts. I have been taking pride in my "humility" and spirituality. That alone makes them proud thoughts. But there's another aspect, as well. God has promised us His love and power. While there is a time for guilt and repentance, there is no time for self pity and focusing on our weakness.

So, I am trying to establish a new habit: Whenever a negative thought comes to my head, instead of inwardly moaning about myself, I think of something to thank God for. When I think of something stupid I have done, I thank God that there are people who love me. When I think of something I am truly ashamed of, I thank God for His gift of forgiveness and love.

I watched Star Wars (both Trilogies) over the past few weeks and the character Yoda said something I found very thought provoking: "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." When I am thinking negative thoughts about myself, it ultimately leads me to thoughts of anger. Anger towards myself, God, people in my life, my past, situations... that anger then transfers itself to bitterness and hatred (or, at least, dislike). I have seen what these emotions have done to those around me... I have seen hate destroy the person and hurt others in his or her life. It is not a path I wish to travel. My greatest desire is to live with love. I wish love to become such a part of me that it is me.

This evening, take a moment and think about what it means for God to love you. I have been dwelling on that today and it fills me with such happiness. I am so blessed. Beyond words blessed. :-)

Today, my friend Jeanette sent me a link: http://listen.grooveshark.com/ ... I am now listening to the soundtrack from Howl's Moving Castle, one of my favorite anime films. I am excited to see what else they have available. :-) Thanks, Jeanette. You made my day. :-)

I finished my last day of teaching this week. It was amazing. I have some of the best students in the world. :-) I am so glad to have them. Rylan and Rese both came with face paint and in Rider shirts. The entire community goes green along with the team. Fun. :-) I'm not into sports that much but the spirit is undeniably contagious.

(At camp, there were some really athletic kids...)

Did you know the fingering for the Ab scale is really interesting? It works but honestly, it's not something I would have picked up on my own. Thank goodness for musically knowledgeable people and the internet. I hate the thought of teaching a student something that was an error. For those who are wondering, fingering for R.H. is: 23 123 1234 123 123 ; L.H. is: 321 4321 321 4321 2. 

Something else to think about: my timing stinks on the song "Just You Wait". I wish I could practice with the band a little more before the show. :-P Lol. Well, it's much better than it was. I just need to keep working at it. :-) I love the tune. The chord structure is so interesting and the colors are amazing.

Well, I'm off to eat my supper. You know, I made soup the other day. Then, Michele took my soup and made soup. I am always amazed at her culinary skills. She's amazing. Someday, I would like to cook like her. For now, I simply devour. ;-) May your day, regardless of country in which you may dwell, have been a happy thanksgiving. :-) :-)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here's to Life!

According to blogger, this is Treasuries' 273rd post. It seems like forever ago that I created this blog and tentatively began writing about my life. There have been a few people who have been very faithful about commenting and participating throughout the months since then. Thank you. As someone wrote to me, comments are a blogger's dessert. :-)

Here is a brief synopsis of my life recently:
Friday: My friends Nathan and Jenn (along with their three children: Gideon, 5; Isaiah, 3; Emmé, 1) picked me up in the afternoon and took me to their home in Deloraine, MB. Once there, we warmed up our very cold fingers and toes with some hot tea and Kettle Chips (I've developed a new addiction/craving thanks to you guys!!) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Saturday:  Lots of wonderful conversations, food (Jenn and Nathan are both excellent chefs as well as hosts) (we even made chocolate ice-cream which I'm still dreaming about....)

Sunday: ....and music (had a wonderful time "teaching" Jenn how to chord/accompany. She picked it up so quickly I don't think I can honestly term it teaching. Amazing. :-))

Being around their kids made me miss my siblings!! Children give such perspective to life. It's so interesting to hear their point of view and see their trust. I love watching them be creative and expanding their horizons. It can be art or even learning a new word... or their character develops suddenly as they realize something about life. 

All in all, it was a beautiful weekend and something I wouldn't mind repeating. :-) If you're reading this, thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. I came away so blessed. :-)

Sunday evening, Nathan took me back to Carlyle because I needed to participate in the theatre practice. The time of the Christmas play is almost upon us and I have part. So, it's rather necessary to keep on top of matters. :-) The play is about a nasty old spinster named Esmeralda Scrooge who must learn about love. I am her niece. I have a solo and lines... and I also play a piece on the piano (which has me most worried...). It has been a very enjoyable and stretching experience being part of this. Just like "We'll Meet Again", except it's better this time since I kind of know the people I'm working with. :-) 

Monday: I worked at Dairy Queen and made... cakes. Surprise, surprise. ;-) :-P I made logs, Blizzards and designed gels. Plus, I washed all of my gel frosting bags and the container so they're all fresh and lovely for the next person who dares mess with them. ;-) One of the biggest benefits of working at DQ is that you get to make your own combinations of blizzards. They have a new size of Blizzard: mini. It's just right for me. I love Oreos, strawberries and cheesecake.. mixing them all together, then topping it off with strawberries. It's delightful. I kid you not. And yes, I have been eating a little more sugar lately. :-) 

For the record, I love Dairy Queen ice-cream. A lot. It's among the best. :-) :-) 

Tuesday: I got up early and went to write my test. Before I go on, I must say it: I am so glad to have that over with. How did I do? Well, I missed 2 on my signs test and 4 on the regular. Just passed. My errors were always on the side of caution. For instance, on an uncontrolled railroad, did you know that you are not required by law to stop before proceeding over the tracks? That is, you are not required to stop if there are no trains in sight... in the happenstance of a train, one might consider halting their progress in favor of life, law abiding citizen or no. :-P

The only other thing worth mentioning about yesterday was Michele almost scaring me to death in the evening. Will was asleep so it was all done very silently. :-P I was impressed with myself because usually I am very vocal about fear and being startled. I managed to scream without sound. Yep. ;-) I remember when my sister Ellie used to take great delight in leaping at me out of the dark like Michele did. (I foresee future episodes because she was so pleased with the reaction I gave. They just can't help themselves.)

Wednesday: Hasn't been lived yet. Or at least not much. :-) I woke up early even though I could have slept in. :sigh: Bad habits are hard to break. I made cheese bread yesterday evening along with a vegetable soup... it was lovely. Had a student arrive in the middle of the baking progress and had to have Will take over. He said it was stressful but he managed to survive. Thankfully the bread survived as well. :-) So I think I'll have cheese bread for my breakfast. 

Talked to my Mom, my sister Ellie and my sister Lydia yesterday. I might be going home around the end of the year. We shall see. 

Ok. I need to get off of my computer and prepare myself for life. Cleaning, teaching, music, theatre practice. Full day. I hope yours is lovely and joyous. I think mine will be. Cheers!!

Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate. -- J. R. R. Tolkien

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I passed and am validated. Hurrah!! So happy. :-) :-) :-) 

Now, let us just hope that everyone survives my driving attempts. :-)

Monday, November 22, 2010

"Driving Legally" and "Insanity Isn't Always a Negative"

Tomorrow morning, I'm scheduled to write my Learner's Test at the courthouse in Carlyle. :-) Talk about a mixture of emotions. :-) :-) I've been studying. People have been encouraging me.

I am learning about not thinking negatively. I am learning about not worrying. I am learning about God's love. I am learning about legally driving in Canada. ;-)

Perhaps I will have a chance to write more about my life in a little while. It's been an insane two plus weeks. A good insane. ;-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Thoughts

There something that makes me very happy and that is discussing spiritual truths with someone. It is nice when someone agrees with me. But I just enjoy the Truth I pick up in discussions. I love seeing something I have never seen before or thought of in that light. :-) It's an amazing feeling to finally understand something that's been puzzling me. "ohhh, that's what the Bible meant when it said..." ;-)

Today, if all works out as planned, Nathan and Jenn are going to pick me up and take me to their place in Deloraine, MB. I am looking forward to this visit very much. Music, good food, laughter, happiness, awesome conversation, cute kids, etc, etc. :-) :-)

What has been happening in your life lately? Happy things? Sad things? Regular things? :-) :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From the Queen of Randomness

Yoda ( fat cat) just whacked Ozzie (fatter cat) across the face and Ozzie blames it on me. I maintain my innocence.

I am trying to learn to play "Just You Wait Henry Higgins" in Cm and Dm. I was assigned to it for the Christmas play.

My voice has just the tiniest country drawl. Don't knock it. A lot of work went into that.

I love the movie Fiddler on the Roof more each time I see it.

Did you know that deadpanning is a lot harder than it sounds?

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later." - Mary Bly

Did you know that soaking your face with black tea feels good?

Manitoba and dear friends are calling for me this weekend. So looking forward to it. :-)

There are people in my life who I don't deserve and am so terribly grateful for. They encourage me, criticize me, help me, lift me up and above all, simply love me. Well, I love ya'll, too! :hugs: all around.

Off to practice for tonight's theatre. My lines are just a little rusty still and my drawl could use some tuning...

Lovin' Those Baby Steps (Wait A Minute, Do Holters Actually Know How to Take Those?)

And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith? (Mark 4:40)

I have lately been posting status updates on FB like this: "I am so glad I don't know the future." Life brings so many questions to my door. Part of me would really love to just know what the future holds and act accordingly. The other part of me is more thankful that I don't. :-) Why is this? Well, jest set down for a spell and I'll tell ya. :-)

If I knew the future, I would likely try to change it.
If I knew the future, I would act abnormally.
If I knew the future, I wouldn't be able to love people.
If I knew the future, I would hate myself.
And most importantly...
If I knew the future, I wouldn't trust in God.

Over the course of the past months, so many new experiences and situations have leaped up and presented themselves to me. I don't react well with change, even if it's good and something I love. So, I turn to God.

It is there that I realize something about our relationship. What makes it healthy? What makes God happy? What makes me a stronger, more faithful person? Yes, He wants us to cry unto Him when we are frightened and uncertain. Yes, He appreciates that we don't turn our backs on Him. But what parent doesn't admire a child who gets back up after tumbling down for the 300th time? Children face the new world on wobbly legs and a courageous heart, taking their first steps eagerly. They have no idea about the rough spot in the lawn just ahead of them. They have no idea that Legos really hurt when you sit down hard. They have no idea that they might hit their head on the cupboard door and get a goose egg. Interpretation: they don't know the future. Yet, they wobble on until they wobble no longer and the Legos are their friends :-)

Yesterday, the thought crossed my brain that I've been using God as something to blame things on. Analogy: I've been clinging to Him in fear and not willing to take those first steps. I've been "having faith" but not honestly walking in faith. I've doubted my strength and God's grace and love towards me. I have been approaching decisions weakly and without heart.

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering, For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. (James 1:5-6)

Me over the past week: "Um, God... like, I'm really happy but really, really scared and I really don't know if you know what you're doing, but um, if this is what you want...tell me why again??" Is there faith, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, love, etc, etc, in that? No. It is fear, a little anger, hopelessness. Where is my heart? I know God is standing right beside me. There is no room for fear!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Oh yes, I am still approaching life with caution. My legs are still wobbly. :-) But with more joy and more faith... and different kinds of prayers. The "thank you, God" kinds of prayers. He has promised to accomplish a good work in me and I know He will. There will always be pain and uncertainties but they will never be too much for God's children. He has promised this.

So, not knowing the future, I walk away from my fears. My legs are still weak but my heart is learning courage and strength. There is more happiness and joy than I thought possible.

For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken. 
                                                 (Proverbs 3: 26)

Monday, November 15, 2010


You know how easy it is to get caught up in myself? Really easy. Let me see... what are my goals again? :-)

Serve God.

Be a blessing to all those whose lives are connected with mine... specifically those who are daily laid on my heart to bless.

I am daily amazed with how truly blessed I am. Truly and wonderfully blessed. God, I don't deserve any of this joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :-) :-)

Will you pray for me? I am in need of an open heart and eyes.

A friend posted this song on FB and I really appreciated the lyrics. I needed them right now.

God is too wise to be mistaken 
God is too good to be unkind 
So when you don't understand 
When you don't see His plan 
When you can't trace His hand 
Trust His heart. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Odds and Ends

The past few days have been so busy and full that I feel woefully inadequate to even begin telling you about them! :-) It's a good feeling when life takes on purpose and a reason to move on. The move here made me feel that way. Each new day has been an adventure full of people and new experiences. God has always shown himself to be  loving, gracious towards me. He is full of compassion in my most awkward moments... I never cease to feel amazed at His understanding. I love how He gives me far beyond anything I had ever dreamed of or hoped for. I love how He heals my heart and soul and makes me into something that is so much better than before I was broken. I love that He loves me.

Friday, I went to work at nine, as usual. Thirty-five minutes later, they had us evacuating the building due to a gas leak. It was an interesting experience to be hustled out of somewhere like that. The funniest thing was trying to get the old ladies to leave. They loved the scent (!!!) of danger and wanted to be in on all of the excitement. Lol. It was rather adorable and a little irritating. ;-) I guess they got the leak fixed because within an hour, we were back at work. Funny thing though.... I couldn't seem to get caught up all day. I had a list of cakes I needed to make and I know I got a fair portion done but it never seemed like it was enough. At any rate, I appreciate the work and experience as always. :-)

Friday night, I went to the theatre in Carlyle... they were showing Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. I had never watched a movie in a theatre before and what an awesome film to begin with. I loved the story. I have always liked owls because of Owl in "Winnie The Pooh" but this was a completely different look at them. It was a sad story but a triumphant one. I also love how well done the animation is of this film. It's completely amazing to me. :-)

Well, it's getting later in the morning so I should close this up and skedaddle. I'll try to write more later. :-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

I keep meaning to write but it doesn't seem to be happening. :-) Just know I'm happy and content and really, really busy. :-)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update Prayer Request

Please continue to uphold this man and his family in prayer today. 

(My relative) Keith Wharton update: heading to doctor to check on progress and new problems. Pray for NO anxiety and pain while getting down the stairs and at the appt. Wisdom for the doctor to find everything we need to address. BAD night of pain last night.

This morning's update from Sue...

"Since leaving the hospital we have seen Keith improve each day.  First day he could only lay on his back and then sit up with assistance. Moving his right leg was an impossible task.  HE had feeling in it and all, just no strength no move it AND it hurt like the dickens! Now four  or five days later he has sat up from laying flat and shifted himself to the edge of the bed. Yesterday he found new freedom in a wheel chair.  He has been in a recliner or bed, until now.  He is in pain while resting as well as moving.  During the day he does better than night.  Still not getting more than 4-5  hrs of sleep per 24 hr time period.

"Today we visited our old doctor from BG for a follow up visit.  He assured us Keith is at the point he assumed he would be. He SHOULD still be in pain, he SHOULD have all kinds of bruises and swelling, and still be on mass pain meds.  The other new pains are torn, pulled, smashed, and tweaked muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues.  One major pain that has been crippling for Keith is nerve damage to his right calf.  It has been EXTREMELY painful.  The dr said no pain meds will affect nerve damage and it will be several months to recover.  So, he continues to suffer.  He took one set of stiches out, but said the others are in swollen tissue and still bleeding.  It is like the stitch holes became weep holes for all the swelling.  Those need to stay in an extra week.  The cartiladge in the rib cage got bent to almost a 45 degree.  He said those would be as painful as fractured ribs.  .............

"We still continue to see God's hand in our lives.  We know that through His strenth we can do all things.  just yesterday we were talking about how we were going to keep Keith warm this winter when our heat pump was broke.  We have space heaters, but they are expensive to run.  We decided we just would have to run them.  It isn't worth freezing him to save money on electrcity.  A couple hours later, a wonderful lady from Starbuck called and said her and her husband were going to go in and pay our elec and water/sewer bill.  HE knew we needed it before we did.  God is good." 

From an earlier date: (The beauty and strength in this made me weep. Sue gave me permission to share with ya'll. These are difficult but beautiful times.)

"So those are the facts of our past 11 days. But the great exciting part of it was how the Lord met us, day after day, if not hour and after hour. HE knew this was going to happen and we feel he prepared us for it, little did we know. Keith lost almost 60 lbs in the last 12 months. He would be struggling to move himself around more had he not. Maybe made it impossible. I would not have been able to lift, pull, and roll him like I have been if he was that much heavier. I lost over 50 lbs in the 12 months. My health would not have allowed me to stay awake 95% of the 9 days in the hospital. I would not have been able to bend and pull him around. We have no house payment, we just paid off his truck, making our financial needs smaller during this time. We had just hired a 4th guy, so now they can have more help framing than if Keith left the three of them to do it. Always easier with four. I just finished working that week (seasonal job), no more obligation for me. Same with Amber, freeing her up to take care of her sisters.

"In the hospital, I can't tell you right now out of my exhausted brain how many times I sent out a specific prayer request for a new hurdle and with in hours it was met. THE night from HELL, as Keith calls it, when they were taking him off IV meds to pill form and trying to find the right one that worked. HE spent almost 18 hours riling in pain. I sent out a plea for prayer for the pain to subside and within hours he was asleep. When they said his spleen was torn and needs to come out, again a plea. Within hours they came back in saying they were wrong. IT was just pooled blood rising up from pelvis. SO many more things like this happened. I can't recall them all in my tired state.

"Keith and I told the nurse one morning that we were realizing what God did for our marriage. We had been looking for a resort or something for us to go to just a few weeks back, to have a time alone, just the two of us. To revitalize ourselves and come closer as a husband and wife. Little did we know, God closed all those doors for where were looking and gave us this to be our bonding time. It was our time to become one in the world's eyes. He needed me and I him. I did not leave his side but for moments through the week. I spent a total of 9 hours outside the hospital in 9 days. I think I counted less than 24 hours of sleep. My husband was hurting and I was his helpmate. We were a team. I only wished I could have taken some of the pain from him.

"The pain and confusion from meds are his chief stresses at this point. He trusts he will walk and be good some day and understands it may be a long road. His renewed faith, trust, and reliance on the Lord has been wonderful. Keith finds peace in God's sovereignty. Everything happens for a reason. He chastens those he loves. Keith sings hymns to comfort himself and prays often. He knows it is only by the grace of God he is still here. He no longer wants to "hide his light under a bushel". As he heals and his mind clears out the meds, he has so much to share. We can not thank you all of you prayer warriors enough! Please continue to keep my husband in your prayers as we deal with the pain, confusion from meds, and all the new found injuries and other damage that was not life threatening."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They are happy...

Lee-Amber is one of the most talented, creative people I have ever met. Her love for music and her abilities make me feel inspired and I wanted to share a little of the special times we have together every week. :-) 

When we first began lessons together, she was really stiff and awkward. She couldn't read a note and she had no idea about theory. We began by getting to know each other and the keyboard. The first thing I sensed in her was the need to create so I encouraged her to write a song each week. At first, she was anxious and unsure of herself but I showed her that it didn't need to be something monumental. Just something that she had created on the piano herself. 
Every lesson since then, she has had a tune. And as the weeks pass by, the songs grow to be more complicated and beautiful. She is writing stuff that usually only comes from people with years of experience on the piano. Today, her song ranged around four octaves and she wrote the name of every single note she played out on paper. (Next week, we begin to learn about notating. ;-)) And when she plays, she leaves all of her insecurities behind. It's beautiful watching her. It makes me feel so happy and proud... sometimes I just feel like shedding a few tears. Happy to have a little part in this... proud of a girl who loves music and allows herself to be set free by it. 

Today, she arrived at our lesson bearing an extra book. She had begun learning a song by herself out of it. Why is this impressive? Well, she's only just begun reading notes... like two weeks ago. These notes are hitting a couple of octaves out of her comfort zone. But she is determined to learn to sight read because I told her it was important. So she is. I have no idea how some teachers would feel about this but I am completely thrilled. I can correct mistakes. I can guide. I can help her. But I can't force creative juices to flow. And I sure can't force determination and happiness. 

One of the reasons I am feel so blessed and excited to have Lee-Amber as a student is because she is blessed with the gift of ADHD. I do consider it a gift. She has a unique outlook on life... and it is part of how she understands music. Music was something her mother was just going to try to interest her in. It's gone beyond an interest. She is finding a way to express herself and her feelings about life.. as I said before, this is freedom for her. A place that she doesn't have to worry about people understanding her or liking her. Music is her friend and will always be. 

And then, there's J. I love J. She inspires me. Mother of three, the youngest being three. Works at a daycare. Has a hubby and house to care for. Lives on the reserve. First Nation. She's always cheerful and kind and so willing to learn. And not only that, she is completely thrilled when she learns something new. :smile: :smile: :smile: Yeah. It makes me happy. ;-) Today, when she came she said that she hadn't found the plug-in for her keyboard, so she was practicing without sound. The surprising thing is that, in spite of this, she had improved over the course of the week. She is so happy to be learning. The fact that she feels she's progressing makes any effort and money worthwhile. :-) 

I find my joy of these two students very different and yet, so much the same. Different because Lee-Amber's progress is so fast and furious and freeing... while J's is a more complacent pace with lots of contentment and peace. But it is the same because the joy that radiates from both make my heart want to dance from pure happiness. Why is watching people enjoy learning so much fun??? :-D

So now you know part of my happy day. :-) The other parts were mixed up and as pleasant. I sat at my piano for several hours. I studied driver's ed for quite awhile. When ever I stand up or sit down, I groan from a little stiffness in my body (courtesy of cleaning refrigerator). ;-) I wrote a review about one of my favorite movies for Ponderings (Twelfth Night --1996). I did a lot of praying and realizing. :-) I ate (my teeth are feeling so much better!), drank (orange juice) and was merry (or will be with the coming film). Next, my cold toes will be getting warm due to a shower. :-) :-) So I bid you all a fond adieu and a pleasant good evening. :-)  

The Joys of Braces 2

In the past three days, I've had to relearn how to talk and sing three times. Yes, I could still sing. Yes, I could still talk. It was a matter of not wanting to make interesting noises or accidentally emitting saliva while doing so.

I love having braces. I honestly do. But I will cheer the day they come off of my teeth. :-) And I will eat lots of caramel. ;-)

Just thought the world should know my plans for the future and whinings of today.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Right. Who am I again?

Just for the record, you're actually supposed to say the post title in Hugh Grant's voice.

 I sat down in my favorite spot (floor against my bed) to type this blog post and suddenly had two very affectionate cats purring in my ear and rubbing their heads against mine. Lol! There's nothing like having a cat in your life who adores you. Makes everything seem so much more bearable. ;-)

You would not believe how busy the past week has been. It was like everything decided to happen at once and life was just... wow. Over the past two months, I feel like I have become a different person. Some days, I'm not even sure of who I am anymore. But I am sure of one thing... in fact, more sure each day than the last: God's love. The more I learn of Him, the more I realize how very blessed I am. His attitude of how precious I am to Him enfolds me each moment and the fear leaves.

Then thou shalt call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am. (Isaiah 58:9)

 For the past few weeks, I've been studying to get my learner's permit and I think I'm ready to take it. I went into  Andrew's Agencies (SGI) and paid the fee to get into the system (which... I gathered... I already was to a certain extent) (don't ask. I'm as confused as you are.) But the more ridiculous thing has happened. I lost the paper which contained the information about getting my learners... phone #, website, etc. Very frustrating. Tell me why these things happen to me?? On second thought, don't. Hehe. But oh... will it ever be so nice to get this out of the way. I have been dreading it for so long that I'm ready to get it done and over with.

My friend Jesse took me to Swan River, MB for my orthodontist appointment on the 5th. They had told me the last visit that they thought my braces would be coming off around Christmas time, so I was hoping against hope that they were accurate. Ahem. :-P Sometimes I hope for the impossible. This visit, they informed me that it will be a few more visits... which means more than two. On one hand, I know it is unrealistic to think I could get my teeth in perfect order that quickly. On the other hand, wouldn't it have been nice?? Lol. Anyways, good company on the 8 hour road trip. For that I can be thankful for.

Food for thought: do you have to look like Randy Travis to sound like him?

So, that's what has been going on lately. I still need to go practice the piano and my songs for the upcoming play. It's actually coming up pretty quickly. I really need to put more effort into memorizing. :sigh: Did you know that I cannot sing like Randy Travis? Serious training needed there. Lol!

Oh yeah. Life is good. ;-)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


My Sunday sermon. :-) So many things to think about... reconcile to... hope for... have faith  in... 

My relationship with God echoes this passage of scripture. Every day, I sense his love towards me. He doesn't need me but he still desires and treasures my heart and soul. Each tear I shed, these moments of laughter, every minute spent in his company and all those that aren't... I am so precious to him. Love is something to be treasured. It is something no one is worthy of. 

"Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,
doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;
rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;
beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.
For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.
When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.
And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."
                                                                                         (1 Cor. 13)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


At long last! Log cakes and I are friends. They actually look nice. I knew it was only a matter of time before they decided I was a nice person. 

I'm really happy and really tired. 

But I am looking forward to the concert tonight. A whole whack of folks I know are going... should be fun. 

My hands smell like ice-cream and chocolate. Seriously... the best job in the world for me. :-D

Friday, November 5, 2010

Odds and Ends

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.
--John Burroughs

I was updating my quotes and found this treasure. I have had a good day. The last day of teaching for this week. I walked to town in the morning and taught in the afternoon. I love days that I sit back at the end of them and am up to the brim in happiness. 

Three students today. The first was my most advanced. That lesson always goes over the allotted half an hour.. simply because it can and it's so much fun. Lol. I find such joy in learning and teaching and learning. I am discovering so much about music and people... and myself. I am discovering how much fun life can be. :) 

My next two students are sisters. They're pretty awesome. The oldest is quiet and shy but her eyes light up when she's excited. She laughs like my sister Ellie... just a faint sound but the mirth dances through her entire body. Her sister is the exact opposite. She giggles and chatters and basically enjoys life. But they are the same in many ways... one of them is that they are both in love with music. Today, Rylan opened her book and showed me a song she and Rese had written and played together. I was so excited. I couldn't wait for Rese to arrive so they could play it for me. :) :) When Rese did come for her lesson, they played it and... it was wonderful. That's all I can say about it. I was so happy, I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. ;)

I am amazed at the amount of creativity that comes from people. I am also amazed at how much they begin to enjoy music when they realize they can create. I think it makes them feel that the music is their friend. A healthy friendship is something we must work at but it is also something brings us great freedom (to be ourselves) and joy. I think these things are beginning to shine through for these girls. It makes my heart so happy. 

So many things to remember... Names. Ages. Siblings. How many years playing piano. How fast the learning curve is. How they think about me. (Should I be more teacher than friend or more friend than teacher?) Where they are at in life. What will benefit them most.

Names are especially hard for me sometimes. Especially since I have so many girls around the same age and size. Had a funny experience yesterday... I asked one of my students if she knew Taris R. She gave me a funny look and I realized I was speaking to Taris R. Lol! :P 

Well, off to Swan River tomorrow for my orthodontist app. Have to get up early... so I should close this up and get it posted. Here's to a beautiful weekend! Gotta love this November weather. :) 

Something else that makes me happy: "Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return until the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:7 

God loves us. It's a fact of life... right up there with the birds and the bees. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010


For the record: We do not hate the doctor in question nor do we hate having free surgeries. It's just the matter of getting the problem fixed. I hate the pain my sister is going through.

Phone conversation:

Ellie: Hello
Naomi: I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your doctor. I think he's the best man in the whole, entire world because the best men are always complete idiots.
Ellie: :mischievous chuckle: ok. :silence: :another mischievous chuckle: You'd love his accent, too. He's from South Africa. 
Naomi: Can I write a rant blog post about him?
Ellie: Do you want his name?

Long ago and far away, there was a little, adorable calf that had broken his leg. Our neighbor had asked us if we wanted him to try to raise up and we said, of course. (We love free stuff. ;-)) The calf was obviously in pain and we should have put him down as soon as we got him but we didn't. He was also wild and scared since he'd just been weaned and hurt all at the same time. 

Ellie somehow had gotten him on a halter and was trying to move his pen to better grass... when he suddenly charged her. She got out of the way but wrecked her shoulder in the process. Typical Holter reaction? Let it rest for awhile to see if it gets better. Two years later, it is really bad. Her shoulder comes out of place even when she takes off her coat... imagine trying to milk, ride horses, hunt, etc, etc, with this thing. 

So, she, along with my parents have been going through the long process of trying to get some help. Chiropractor said, "Just stand with better posture." Doctor said, "Oh, your shoulder keeps coming out of socket! [Ellie thinks, "That's what I just told you."] Better make an appointment down in Yorkton to have an ultrasound done." Ultrasound people, "We'll send the results back to your Dr." Doctor said, "There's nothing wrong. It's a genetic thing." Thus resulting in the above phone conversation. 

The purpose of this blog post is three things: 
1: Please pray for my sister. She's tough. When you see tears in her eyes, it's because it *really* hurts. She's only 20. I don't want to see her living with this for any longer than she has to. Also pray that she'll get through the surgery, if it happens, without much worry or emotional scars. 
2: I love my sister and I love our phone conversations. 
3: A rant about the Canadian medical system. Can you tell how much I love it? 

Ok. I have a student arriving in 10 minutes so I should run. Bekah! I adore comments. ;-) I'll reply later. 

Time Out From Happiness

I've been thinking about being sad. I've been thinking about guilt. I've been thinking about judging.

And my conclusion is...? That I have a lot more thinking to do. Haha. Well, one thought did cross my brain: I know for sure that there were moments Jesus felt emotions other than happiness.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just For the Record

I love Saskatchewan. I love it from the flat plains to the steep hills. I love it from the rivers to the sloughs. I love it from the cute but annoying gophers and the horrendous province bird of the mosquito. I love it from the colorful Ukrainian and Hungarian and Swedish down home folks to the people who wish they were. I love it from the fiddle music that touches my soul to the sound of the accordion that should not be amplified in small spaces. (Word of warning: do not tell anti-accordion jokes.) I love it from the winds that are too strong to the stillness that takes captive my mind. I love it from the old ways being practiced to the new that are slowly creeping in. I love it from the Rider fans that seem to be everywhere to the hockey in which people try to murder each other. (Another word of wisdom: rooms can get really silent if you admit not being into sports.) I love it from the traditional food (perogies and sausage, here I come) to the non-traditional never being heard of (our neighbor asked what salsa was). I love from small towns to the farms to everything being a little backwards and fifty years behind.

But I mostly love it because I have found home here. I have found a spot to rest my soul and grow.

Perhaps God will call me to somewhere else, some day... but for now, I am so glad to be here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Some Observations From My Morning

1: Why is letting God have His way so hard? I know the peace and joy I find in trust. I know the rest and contentment I will have when I stop fighting for what I want. But it's so hard to let go. Why? 

2: I adore muddy cat prints on white linoleum. Remind me never to put white linoleum in a house. Especially the kitchen.

3: And I further adore sunny, beautiful weather in November. Hurrah!

4: I feel so good about myself after I've updated Ponderings. Lol! This morning I wrote a review on the new movie "Prince of Persia". That was fun. :-)

5: Yesterday, I decorated a cake with cartoon character Tasmanian Devil. Within an hour I was writing, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN" around poor Tas' face and it was walking out the door under someone's arm. ;-)

6: This morning, I ignored practicality and did my hair just to look pretty. What is wrong with me?? ;-)

7: Looking forward to my first day of teaching of the week.

8: But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. Peter 1: 15 & 16