Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time Out From Happiness

I've been thinking about being sad. I've been thinking about guilt. I've been thinking about judging.

And my conclusion is...? That I have a lot more thinking to do. Haha. Well, one thought did cross my brain: I know for sure that there were moments Jesus felt emotions other than happiness.



rebekah said...

Nice new header, by the way! :)

Being sad isn't necessarily a bad thing...but it never makes you feel better...makes everyone else around you miserable...and wastes time! :) with guilt will ruin your life! We can't live in the past, and we can't relive the past! I think there are things one should be bad about, but if you let guilt control you and make you miserable, you will never suceed in today. Does that make sense?

Judging...a big topic! Something to think about~ make sure when you judge someone, you have both grace and truth. Be honest and blunt, but be kind and gracious.

These are topics I consider/go through a lot, and enjoy sharing my thoughts on them with others. Seeing as you love comments...:P lol

rebekah said...

Yet another thought...

If a person can decide to be sad, can't a person decide to be happy as well?! :)

Like you, I think too much! lol

rebekah said...

Oh and did I ever mention that I like the quotes and pictures you put on here, along the side? They are interesting too look at/think about. :)

I know you'll love all of these

Naomi said...

I can see your point and I usually take your side of the argument. :) Basically, these questions are coming from some of my struggles over the past week or so. Growing up is interesting. :) I keep having arguments with myself...

I always try to put a good face on for others. So my sadness (if I have any) is rarely visible. If I admit to sadness, it's after the fact. My questions have arisen from times I have been a bundle of joy and not so joy-filled on the inside. I feel guilt for this. So I ask myself, is there a time for sadness? This sadness is not bitterness. It only lasts as long as it does. I get over it. But I'm tired of the guilt. If I decide to be sad, well... this sadness is sometimes so overwhelming that it must be looked in the face. Only then do I find I can move on.

I do not say this for pity, but rather an earnest desire to understand the Truth. Does sadness have a place in my heart? Is there a time for it? FYI, this sadness is not from guilt.


I'm so glad you like the pictures and the quotes. :) :) I need to change them. I like the personality they lend to my blog. I love finding things that make me think and I love sharing them. People are so wise... and clever, as the case may be. :)

Anonymous said...

I do believe Jesus had many more emotions aside from happiness.
Sadness isn't necessarily bad. It depends on what it is from? Sadness for others? or yourself? And if nothing, it makes us all the more thankful for happy moments!

Naomi said...

You are right about being thankful for the glad moments. :) After a time of sadness I always feel ready for some happiness. :)

rebekah said...

Hmm...good thoughts! Good questions!

I don't think sadness is bad~ after all, there is a time for every purpose under heaven!