Monday, November 22, 2010

"Driving Legally" and "Insanity Isn't Always a Negative"

Tomorrow morning, I'm scheduled to write my Learner's Test at the courthouse in Carlyle. :-) Talk about a mixture of emotions. :-) :-) I've been studying. People have been encouraging me.

I am learning about not thinking negatively. I am learning about not worrying. I am learning about God's love. I am learning about legally driving in Canada. ;-)

Perhaps I will have a chance to write more about my life in a little while. It's been an insane two plus weeks. A good insane. ;-)


Anonymous said...

A good insane is always, well... good! ;)
I'm sure you'll be a great driver; confidence and a lot of prayer is the key ;)
I was scared to drive for years.... it's been a long road but one that brought me to fully rely and Trust in God. I still don't know how I passed my driving test the first time. A modern-day-miracle, perhaps? ;)

Naomi said...

Could be! :) :) Was it simply practice makes perfect (building confidence) in your case?

I have been driving on grid/country roads for years so I think I'll be a little more confident... hopefully. :)

Anonymous said...

Well...yes and no. I still don't have full confidence in certain city driving situations. I panic easily which I dislike but slowly and surely God is helping me overcome my fears and gain the confidence.

I drove a little when I was 15-19 but not in the city. Just on the property and on the hwy and in the little subdivisions.

I think part of my fears stem from what happened to my bio. father and also just working myself up that I would hurt someone else while I was behind the wheel. That fear paralyzed me at times.