Sunday, November 14, 2010

Odds and Ends

The past few days have been so busy and full that I feel woefully inadequate to even begin telling you about them! :-) It's a good feeling when life takes on purpose and a reason to move on. The move here made me feel that way. Each new day has been an adventure full of people and new experiences. God has always shown himself to be  loving, gracious towards me. He is full of compassion in my most awkward moments... I never cease to feel amazed at His understanding. I love how He gives me far beyond anything I had ever dreamed of or hoped for. I love how He heals my heart and soul and makes me into something that is so much better than before I was broken. I love that He loves me.

Friday, I went to work at nine, as usual. Thirty-five minutes later, they had us evacuating the building due to a gas leak. It was an interesting experience to be hustled out of somewhere like that. The funniest thing was trying to get the old ladies to leave. They loved the scent (!!!) of danger and wanted to be in on all of the excitement. Lol. It was rather adorable and a little irritating. ;-) I guess they got the leak fixed because within an hour, we were back at work. Funny thing though.... I couldn't seem to get caught up all day. I had a list of cakes I needed to make and I know I got a fair portion done but it never seemed like it was enough. At any rate, I appreciate the work and experience as always. :-)

Friday night, I went to the theatre in Carlyle... they were showing Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. I had never watched a movie in a theatre before and what an awesome film to begin with. I loved the story. I have always liked owls because of Owl in "Winnie The Pooh" but this was a completely different look at them. It was a sad story but a triumphant one. I also love how well done the animation is of this film. It's completely amazing to me. :-)

Well, it's getting later in the morning so I should close this up and skedaddle. I'll try to write more later. :-)


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your posts :)
And you aren't that far behind; it's only been a week at the most, hasn't it?
I'm embarrassed to say this but i haven't updated in my regular paper journal for 3.5 weeks now. EEK! That's a LOT Of catching up to do!

Little excitements like that can be kind of fun too... glad there was no danger in the end. LOL about the old ladies!

I haven't heard of that film/show; was it worth the watching? Maybe we can rent it someday.


Naomi said...

Yes, I'm not terribly behind... it just after updating so frequently the past little while, leaving it go this amount of time seemed longer.

Enjoy catching up with your journal. I usually just update on my highlights...

And I really liked the movie. It was clean. And it was exciting. And the music was brilliant. :) You might like it. :) :)

*hugs* to you too!! :)

rebekah said...

Hey, Meme! :)

Here in Warman I am busy with my Christmas letter, editing the winter issue of FSAT, and preparing for the craft sale. :)

Glad to hear you're great.

Naomi said...

Hey Bekah! Meme was weally, weally happy to hear from you. ;) :) Glad you're keeping busy!! You sound happy. This is a good thing. ;)

rebekah said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good report on the movie; I'll put it on my list of clean ones.