Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here's to Life!

According to blogger, this is Treasuries' 273rd post. It seems like forever ago that I created this blog and tentatively began writing about my life. There have been a few people who have been very faithful about commenting and participating throughout the months since then. Thank you. As someone wrote to me, comments are a blogger's dessert. :-)

Here is a brief synopsis of my life recently:
Friday: My friends Nathan and Jenn (along with their three children: Gideon, 5; Isaiah, 3; Emmé, 1) picked me up in the afternoon and took me to their home in Deloraine, MB. Once there, we warmed up our very cold fingers and toes with some hot tea and Kettle Chips (I've developed a new addiction/craving thanks to you guys!!) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Saturday:  Lots of wonderful conversations, food (Jenn and Nathan are both excellent chefs as well as hosts) (we even made chocolate ice-cream which I'm still dreaming about....)

Sunday: ....and music (had a wonderful time "teaching" Jenn how to chord/accompany. She picked it up so quickly I don't think I can honestly term it teaching. Amazing. :-))

Being around their kids made me miss my siblings!! Children give such perspective to life. It's so interesting to hear their point of view and see their trust. I love watching them be creative and expanding their horizons. It can be art or even learning a new word... or their character develops suddenly as they realize something about life. 

All in all, it was a beautiful weekend and something I wouldn't mind repeating. :-) If you're reading this, thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. I came away so blessed. :-)

Sunday evening, Nathan took me back to Carlyle because I needed to participate in the theatre practice. The time of the Christmas play is almost upon us and I have part. So, it's rather necessary to keep on top of matters. :-) The play is about a nasty old spinster named Esmeralda Scrooge who must learn about love. I am her niece. I have a solo and lines... and I also play a piece on the piano (which has me most worried...). It has been a very enjoyable and stretching experience being part of this. Just like "We'll Meet Again", except it's better this time since I kind of know the people I'm working with. :-) 

Monday: I worked at Dairy Queen and made... cakes. Surprise, surprise. ;-) :-P I made logs, Blizzards and designed gels. Plus, I washed all of my gel frosting bags and the container so they're all fresh and lovely for the next person who dares mess with them. ;-) One of the biggest benefits of working at DQ is that you get to make your own combinations of blizzards. They have a new size of Blizzard: mini. It's just right for me. I love Oreos, strawberries and cheesecake.. mixing them all together, then topping it off with strawberries. It's delightful. I kid you not. And yes, I have been eating a little more sugar lately. :-) 

For the record, I love Dairy Queen ice-cream. A lot. It's among the best. :-) :-) 

Tuesday: I got up early and went to write my test. Before I go on, I must say it: I am so glad to have that over with. How did I do? Well, I missed 2 on my signs test and 4 on the regular. Just passed. My errors were always on the side of caution. For instance, on an uncontrolled railroad, did you know that you are not required by law to stop before proceeding over the tracks? That is, you are not required to stop if there are no trains in sight... in the happenstance of a train, one might consider halting their progress in favor of life, law abiding citizen or no. :-P

The only other thing worth mentioning about yesterday was Michele almost scaring me to death in the evening. Will was asleep so it was all done very silently. :-P I was impressed with myself because usually I am very vocal about fear and being startled. I managed to scream without sound. Yep. ;-) I remember when my sister Ellie used to take great delight in leaping at me out of the dark like Michele did. (I foresee future episodes because she was so pleased with the reaction I gave. They just can't help themselves.)

Wednesday: Hasn't been lived yet. Or at least not much. :-) I woke up early even though I could have slept in. :sigh: Bad habits are hard to break. I made cheese bread yesterday evening along with a vegetable soup... it was lovely. Had a student arrive in the middle of the baking progress and had to have Will take over. He said it was stressful but he managed to survive. Thankfully the bread survived as well. :-) So I think I'll have cheese bread for my breakfast. 

Talked to my Mom, my sister Ellie and my sister Lydia yesterday. I might be going home around the end of the year. We shall see. 

Ok. I need to get off of my computer and prepare myself for life. Cleaning, teaching, music, theatre practice. Full day. I hope yours is lovely and joyous. I think mine will be. Cheers!!

Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate. -- J. R. R. Tolkien


Lindsey said...

I love Kettle chips! *Adds to list when you come visit.* :D

I remember answering a question wrong about cross railroad tracks when I took my learners. lol!

You get to create your own blizzard?! Too bad I don't have a DQ close here. j/k. lol!

Naomi said...

They are among the best chips I've ever tasted. :) You are so sweet. Someday I'm going to have you over to my own wee house and we'll have a lovely tea party. :) :)

Glad I'm not the only one railroad tracks fooled. :P ;)

Working at DQ is a wonderful thing... ;)

Hadassah's Corner said...

Oh Nomie,
you brighten my life sista. :-) I was laughing (albeit trying to be quiet) over your post. People were looking at me and raising their eyebrows then shaking their heads and returning to their own work. :-) I love you lots.

Naomi said...

Grin and shake your head back. :D :) Love you too!

Anonymous said...

I missed 6 (the max allowed) on my first test too.
Those blizzards sound scrumptious and addicting!
Oh, the play will be fun for you and very interesting too.
What a wonderful time you had with friends. :)

Naomi said...

I had been hoping to not miss any but I'm glad I missed as many as I did. Now I can't offer any advice. ;)

Thanks for the comment. :) :)

rebekah said...

Kettle Chips are scrumptious (isn't that a great word?!?! I am into big words lately)!!

And your post made me hungry! lol With Mom and I baking so much for the sale (and not being able to sample too much) I am craving all sorts of things! Just when I was starting to eat a bit better.:P

I am trying to eat less junk for my cyst's sake and my acne has started clearing up too!

Sounds like you life is good.

I am busy with work; board meeting; baby-sitting; company; letters; and baking for the sale~ 2 days and counting! :P

Oh and my Mom, Mags, bought me a camera and it's purple! I am SO pumped! lol :P

Naomi said...

I also love the word scrumptious. I always think of chocolate and Anne of Green Gables when I read it. :D Shall we call you Anne? :) :)
I'm glad to hear that your healthy eating has been helping in other areas. That's awesome!! How have you been feeling lately? Are you feeling well?

Speaking of acne clearing up... my face has been itching a lot lately, etc, etc, and a couple days ago it stopped. Guess why! Oregano oil. I've been trying to keep healthy with my sick students all around... so I've been taking Oregano oil about ten or so times a day. It's nasty but it's really good for you. Anyways, the added bonus was my face isn't itching. Wonderful!! :)

Congrats about the camera! That's awesome. :) Details? Megapixels?? Optical Zoom??

rebekah said...

Many people call me Anne! ;) You can if you want! :) Better than 'brat', 'spoiled', or 'idiot'. lol :P

I am feeling fine. The cyst doesn't seem to be changing, although I have another knot I am a bit worried about, however, it seems to be turning into a pimple~ never thought I would actually be hoping it was a pimple! lol Anyways, the new one is red, tiny (compared to the other one), and surface, so I think it will go away soon, or come to a head. :P

Well I have trying to avoid junk food, and such, plus drink more water, eat yogurt every day, and I am doing a fibre cleanse.

It's a Samsung, has 4 mp, and about 5xoptical zoom. It has this feature called "vintage" which is really cool~ it adds a black oval shadow around the edge that really makes it look vintage. :)

Naomi said...

I love the name Anne. It's simple but beautiful. :) And, you are correct in stating that it's better than others out there. ;)

May your cyst(s) suffer ill health and demise and may it happen quickly. Keep your chin up. :) :)

Your camera sounds lovely. I'm so happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

It's fun to find another Kettle Chips lover! ;)
and chocolate ice cream... you make me hungry and I'm not even hungry =P
"Children give such perspective to life. It's so interesting to hear their point of view and see their trust."
I agree.... I miss having little children around.

It sounds like you had a fun week!
Mmm, you get to make your own Blizzards? Awesome; I want one. Maybe I should get a DQ job. Haha! =P

LOL about silently screaming when Michele scared you. I wonder when she'll spring on you again.

Glad you passed your test; even though you just passed. I managed to miss 2 every time I renewed my permit. 2 is a good number- just average =P

I hope you can see your family before the year is up. Praying for you!

Naomi said...

Sam, yay!! :) Glad you like them too. Someday, I'm going to have to gather with all of my friends and we'll have a Kettle Chips and chocolate party. ;)

Yes, you should definitely work at a DQ and make your own blizzards. It's a very fun part of the job.

I hope Michele will take her time about scaring me. Lol! It was an experience that my heart (and throat, for that matter :P) could go without. Hehe.

2 is a good number and being average is nothing to sneeze at. ;)

Thank you for the prayers. I appreciate them. I prayed for you today.

rebekah said...

Thanks, Naomi! :)

The one 'knot' I am worried about seems to be getting smaller, or at least it isn't as easy to 'find', when I feel it. :) So I am hoping it's going away! Mom is cetain it's a pimple, but I'm not. Thank you ever so much for your prayers!!! I pray for you too!!! :)

The craft sale didn't go too well. :( We didn't make a lot. :(

But now I can work on my scrapbook! :)