Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Does anyone else sometimes wake up in the morning and all you can think about is how many hours until you can fall asleep again? That was me about an hour and a half ago. Theatre practice was over three and half hours last night and after all day at work? That makes for a tired me. 

But I received good news that brightened me up immensely. :-) There is a music festival in Redvers each year and two of my students were competing in it. Both of them received marks in the 80's for their performances, which is very good. I am so pleased. They practiced so hard! Karli's mom called me this morning to ask for a music book... the song that Karli played yesterday was a difficult piece for her. The timing is strange... there is a key change, etc. While we were playing through the last lesson, trying to attain difficult status of perfection, I felt my stress level rising and I realized that it was affecting the girls, as well. Then, the thought crossed my brain that it didn't matter about winning or getting it perfect or anything else. What mattered here was that both girls give their 110% and that would be good enough. So, we concentrated on that and had some fun. :-)

That doesn't mean that I didn't pray all morning yesterday. Hehe. :-) I'm curious to see how well Karli does today. :-)

Work calls! :-)

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Nila said...

Good lesson learned about giving our best, and what rewarding news after all your hard work and your students!