Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Plans

So it would seem that my evening wasn't quite as open as I thought. :-) That's fine. It means that I'll be writing more later instead of now. :-)

Certain details about the wedding party:
Lindsey is my maid of honor.

My entire family is walking me down the aisle, therefore, semi-wedding-party.

We're getting married at the Carlyle Theatre, with the reception being in the Hall, downstairs.

The theme is Saskatchewan Garden, Rustic and Vintage, plus a hodge podge of all sorts of ideas. :-)

The gift registry has been begun but is no where complete: find it here

I have done more planning for the reception than for the wedding.... but some flowers I would love to have for my bouquet are blue delphiniums and cream (slightly pink?) english roses.

Here is the photographer we have asked to do the wedding:

This summer I will, hopefully, be garage sale-ing for old glass bottles and basically anything that will add to the theme...

And I really should get ready to go before my ride gets here. :-) 


Anonymous said...

Ohh, the photographer has some amazing photos!
The Theatre...what a grand idea for the wedding and reception! *grin*
Thanks for letting us share in your happiness!

Victoria said...

Your wedding sounds like it is going to be pretty and fun!! If I can...can I have your address that way I might can send you something?
If so...Please e-mail it to me.



Hadassah's Corner said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun and enjoying yourself. :-) Hope you keep having fun even through the rough times.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how neat to have your whole family walk you down the aisle!! I love that idea! :) You picked a good place to register :)

Have fun planning!

Oh, love the photographer!!

Naomi said...

Thank you for being so happy in my happiness... it means a lot to me. :hugs:

Victoria, I'll email you.

Bekah said...

Well I enjoy any updates you may give on your life! :) Short, blah, or otherwise. ;) And I liked this one! It's these tiny details I am curious about! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your engagement! :)