Tuesday, March 8, 2011

let me be glad

I am sick and miserable. I ache and shiver. Everything hurts. God, what are you doing?? I don't want to skip anymore work! And what about teaching? I feel so weak and tired. My head hurts and I can't even form a proper thought process. I wish Jesse were here. I wish I was feeling well and on top of the world. I hate my weak body. I hate my weak mind. I am scared of getting pneumonia again. I'm scared stiff...! 

Wait a minute.


That doesn't sound like the me I want to be at all. That sounds like a discouraged, whimpering human being who is being whupped by a petty illness. Ok. Maybe not petty. But it definitely isn't the worst by a long shot. Ok. So maybe it is a bit petty. Just a cold. Just a virus.

Come on, Naomi. Think of one thing to be thankful for.


Describe, Him, Naomi.

Always. Love. Forgive. Just. Faithful. How could I ever take my gaze from Him?

Think of another thing, Naomi.


Truth. Courage. Wisdom. Human. Love. I have also forgotten the times with no you in them. 

Understanding co-workers and employer. 

Kind. Helpful. Honest. Doing their very best to like me. :-)


Always there for me. Brimming with love and helpfulness. What would I do without her? 

I am already feeling better. :-) I am blessed. I am so blessed. Fear is something that I do not have to greet. Peace and love and faith can be mine tonight.

Sweet dreams, readers. Goodnight!


Nila said...

Sorry you're feeling so miserable! Praying for God's strength and healing at this time. : )

Naomi said...

Thank you. This morning I am feeling much better... and I am going to venture out to work. :) We shall see what the day holds.

Bekah said...

Thanks, Naomi! :) You know how much I needed to hear this. :)

Naomi said...

Ah. You have no idea how much I needed to hear your comment. :) I had felt led to blog but was hesitant because I always get so dramatic when feeling tired and sick. :P Lol! I am so glad that my sporadic thoughts were some encouragement. :hugs:

Bekah said...

Your post was perfect for me...that's why God let you post it! *winks* *hugs back* (Oh and I have been trying to come up with a way to come to your wedding ceremony~ we are thinking perhaps we will go to Regina, then I will come solo to your wedding ceremony, that way I can do it in a day :D)

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and praying that you won't get pneumonia! My brother just went through bronchitis; it's going around everywhere right now! I have a bit of a sore throat =/ but otherwise feel fine.
You are loved and blessed!