Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feeling Better

Thank you all so much for the prayers! I just wanted to let you guys know that between my (future) mother-in-law and Jesse, Monday saw me at the doctor's office getting a prescription of antibiotics. I have making heady improvements since then. Each day feels remarkably better than the last. :-) I am trying to gather the strings of my life now and figure out what needs to be done with them. Lol. Trying to get lessons scheduled in, etc, etc.

Plus, I'm still feeling a bit weak. I vacuumed and mopped this morning and started supper. And, I am tired. But I was able to find more energy for a longer period of time than I've had in awhile.

I hope you are all feeling well. Stay healthy. :-)

It's raining here today. I am excited... maybe spring is on the way. Maybe!!

P.S. Gabi, you brightened my evening yesterday. Thank you!! :hugs: Hi to Peter. 


Bekah said... glad to hear that, Meme! :) If I were there, I would do my best to make you ALL better! :D

Samantha R. said...

So glad to hear that!! You are blessed to have people taking care of you. I am too! :)
I am feeling MUCH better now and so thankful my illness was short lived.

Having energy again is amazing.

DelightinginHim said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend and hope each day is better and better for you!
Trying to stay healthy myself :) I think God's grace has been with me this winter being exposed to all sorts of things and not sick yet!

Naomi said...

Bekah... one can only get better so fast. Lol. I'm just glad to be making the progress I have been making. ;) Btw, you coming to the wedding sounds delightful. I hope you can make it!!

Samantha, I'm glad your illness was short lived, too! Ditto about having energy again.

Jaclynn, I'm glad you're staying healthy. Try to keep it that way. :) How has your family been? You mentioned on FB that some of them were home after 5 1/2 weeks? How has that been going?

Hadassah's Corner said...

Glad you're feeling better sis. Its no fun being sick. :-)

Bekah said...

I am glad to hear you are making progress, at least! :)I sure hope I can make it too...