Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Humorous Happenstances

I began my new job at Pharmasave today. (Er, that is, yesterday.) (I know! I'm up late. ;-)) And it's cold out. It's so cold that I can't seem to get warm unless I'm in the shower with steaming loads of hot water pouring over me. (Water conservers, I apologize profusely and humbly for the mental agony at the mere thought of letting all of that precious fluid simply swish merrily down the drain and into the sewers of Carlyle....) I am actually so cold that I posted a complaint on Facebook about it. (No. Don't bother checking. I don't Tweet. You can erase that off of the-next-thing-to-do-on you mental to-do list.) (Have I ever mentioned that I shouldn't write blog posts after midnight? This really isn't a good idea.) (Someone tell me to stop.)


So, Jesse took pity on me this morning and drove me to work. I was not expecting this, though he is always a wonderful, thoughtful person, and found it to be a delightful surprise. Nice warm car, me sitting beside my love, smiling blissfully at the awful cold. Nice picture, isn't it? :-) I was so thankful. I am so thankful, come to think of it. I am so thankful for his kindness that when it came time for him to drive me back home (he and his sister had been working in town for the day), I rushed out of the building so as to not keep him waiting. I almost ran down the street with my thick coat, denim skirt and pink headscarf... and arrived where Jesse had been working in record time.

"Sam, where's Jesse?"

She looked at me and laughed. She was quite amused! As it turns out, Jesse and I had actually passed each other on the street... him in his car, me in my pink headscarf, going to get each other. He didn't want me to have to walk in all the frigidness and had made sure to be in his car at 3, going to get me. Neither of us had seen the other! At all. Not a glimpse.

Thanks to the invention of cellular phones, the situation was corrected almost immediately. And yes, we laughed too. :-)

I love you, Jesse. :-)

P.S. Don't you love how, after watching British telly, you write with the accent?? Please tell me I'm not the only one!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet, kind, and caring and thoughtful fiance you have! He gets extra points today. :) for taking such good care of you.
I can't imagine it being that cold as it has been there, but I have felt that kind of cold before where you just can't get warm!

Bekah said...

Okay, this made me laugh...and I REALLY needed to laugh today!!! And what you and Jesse did~ I've done that before. :P Only not with a boyfriend! LOL *winks* Oh, and I can never imitate the accent, although I wish I could. :)

Naomi said...

Jaclynn, he definitely gets extra points!! :) :) Hehe. I am so blessed... I am so cherished.

Bekah, I'm glad you laughed! I'm sorry you needed it so. But may tomorrow be a better day. Keep your chin up, my dear.

The Panhandle Roughriders said...

LOL! You really should not stop writing posts that late at night. We wouldn't get the crazy laughs that we get when you do. :-) Glad you have such a thoughtful man in your life. :-) Those little things add up to the person that they are and who they are means a lot to the lady on the other end. :-)

Bekah said...

Thanks, Meme...I am doing a bit better today, but I haven't really been up that long! :) (It's 8:30 A.M. and I was up at 6:30 A.M.). Currently, my stomach is causing all sorts of chaos, but nothing serious. :P I will be working in a while...

Naomi said...

Crazy laughs? Truly? That's awesome. ;) I love making people laugh.

And, it's true that I am blessed with this man. He is so good to me!!

Naomi said...

Feel better today, Bekah!

Anonymous said...

LOL< I like the way you write after midnight ;)
How sweet of Jesse; he is amazing. But I'm sure you already know that!!
Have fun at the new job!

Bekah said...

So far the day is going well...I feel a lot better about myself since I got dressed up and actually feel a tad pretty again. :) *winks* I am weaing my black skirt with the silver trim, a lime green tee-shirt, with white socks, black dress shoes, and my black/white/gold plaid scarf. Then I did my hair in a side ponytail, secured with a lime green flower/bad. (Adorable flower!!!) Oh yes, and I am also wearing a lime green, plastic bracelet that is in the shape of a butterfly. :)

Singing Pilgrim said...

You are not the only one.