Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Thoughts of the Day

Praise: Greg Wallace has crossed over into eternity and is experiencing new life. Please keep his family in your prayers, especially making mention of Melody, his beloved.

Praise: The last year, I have simply prayed that if it was God's will I be married, the man He sent would be one who sought for Truth. That covers a lot of angles, so I just prayed for that... and God's will. I had almost given up on ever finding that man. :-)

I am so glad and thankful to love, and be loved in return by, a man who search for truth amazes and humbles me. Thank you, thank you.

Praise: I worked a 9 hour day at Pharmasave today and it went well. I am really learning the ins and outs of the till... and today I was asked if I would work in the photolab. Of course I almost shouted yes. :-D This job is fitting more and more of my kinks. Awesomeness. :-)



Anonymous said...

I had gathered that Greg had someone special in his life...but didn't really know who he was or anything. Were they engaged or? I will keep praying for the family and friends.

oooh, photo lab sounds like a lot of fun! Glad the job is working out well for you.

PTL for men who seek truth, who seek to be leaders and who seek God above all else! What a blessing! :)

Anonymous said...

Praises for sure! :)
Continuing to pray for Greg's family and esp his fiancé.
Working in the photo lab would be a lot of fun! Glad to hear you are enjoying the new job and learning quickly.

Praise God for men who seek the Truth.

Bekah said...

That's wonderful about your job! :)

Naomi said...

Jaclynn, I don't know if they were officially engaged or not. They may have been what Jesse terms pre-engaged. :)

Amen about men who seek Truth!

Samantha, I think it's going to be fun working in the photo lab, too. :)

Bekah, thank you!