Saturday, January 31, 2009

I need to stretch!

Hannah, Ellie and I were listening to a live recording of a male tenor last night. He was going along like normal... when, suddenly, he hit a some extremely high notes. As the crowd went wild, I sat up in bed.

"It's not fair that a guy can hit those notes!" I said, "I'm a girl and I can't go up that high."

Ellie looked up from her book, "Yeah, well. Maybe being 6'4 helps."

Maybe I was tired, but I couldn't stop laughing over that one. ;-)


Jessica said...

I can relate. I'm a very low alto; sometimes it's even more comfortable for me to sing tenor. It's slightly embarrasing when your brother-in-laws can sing higher than you can. :)

May I ask what kind of treatment your doctor gave you? I know it must be trying your patience to have this illness linger for so long. But you certainly seem to have a cheerful outlook on it, which is encouraging to me. :) God only gives good gifts to his children; we know this is true, even when it doesn't feel that way!

We will pray that God would grant you recovery, soon and fully. Love to you.

Naomi said...

Jess, I had to laugh about your comment of "it's slightly embarrassing when your brother-in-laws can sing higher than you can." LOL! I sing low, too. In fact, I do much better in lower notes. It's around the high 'e' that makes my voice sound like it's changing.... 'eeeee [Cccrraacckk] eeee'

My treatments are a soda lemon soak usually... but last time, we did a fever treatment. Both can be very draining. The soda-lemon is a mixture of water, organic lemon juice and baking soda. Towels are dipped in it, then I am wrapped up like a mummy in them... followed by plastic and blankets. And a couple of hot water bottles. :-)

The fever treatment is where all of me, except my neck and head, is submerged in 108*F water. Ice cold towels/clothes are applied to my neck and head to keep my brain from over heating. I was kept in the water until my temperature was raised 4 degrees. That might not seem like a lot but I was almost ready to faint by the time she got me out. I could not stand by myself. It wasn't very fun. :-P

There is more but this is turning into a book! LOL! Oh... in case you don't see my comment on your blog, "Happy birthday!!!" and please do drop me a line at:

Anonymous said...

That made me smile. I know some 6'4" guys whose voices are shorter than mine. ;P
~Lydia Ruth

Ashley C said...

Naomi, I am thankful that the treatments went well. Have you tried hot poultices yet, like what they did in "Christy" ?
I had to laugh over the "short voices vs.tall voices." :)

Cheri said...

LOL! Siblings can often say the funniest things! =)

Naomi said...

Thanks for the comment. :-)


I haven't tried hot poultices yet. People keep recommending them, though... so maybe I'll try. :-) I have been putting on mustard plasters and cayenne/lobelia plasters. My dr is starting to wonder if the mucus is going out of my body through my blood stream, rather than me coughing it up. I'm hoping that is the case.

The voice thing is funny, isn't it?

Cheri, yes they do! Ellie is hilarious... she has the funniest sense of humor ever. :-)

Naomi K said...

That's so funny! Btw - I like your new blog look