Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And The Word Came With Power

I just read a book called "And The Word Came With Power"... it chronicles the story of missionary Joanne Shetler who went to the Phillipines to translate the Bible into the native language. I like this book. The gospel message is clear and you can feel the love Joanne had for the people she ministered to there.

There were a lot of good quotes in it, but this one jumped right out and grabbed me:

"You can't teach people something if they steadfastly refuse to ask questions. That's just a courteous way of rejecting God."



Ashley C said...

Hmmm... Sound's similar to the age old, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." However, remember that you can salt his oats! Even if people refuse to ask questions, you can still present a powerful witness by your life, and that is a way of teaching. How many of us have been taught "by example"? How many of us have been changed because of the way one person has lived? I have, for one.
If God wants them, he will get them. Even if He has to drag them out by their heels, kicking and screaming. =)

Naomi said...

That's true, Ashley! I like the analogy of 'salting his oats'. I have been taught so many times by example. In fact, probably more that way than by words.

But I was also thinking of the times I had been struggling with something in my life (perhaps even fearful) and when I stopped and asked God, "What should I do?" and He gave me the answer.

Anymore thoughts? Am I making sense? :-)

Naomi K said...

I've never heard of that book, but we told a missisonary story about Joanne last winter and I really enjoyed it.

Could be why the Bible says that even the tribal people are "without excuse" - they haven't wanted to know about God.

Ashley C said...

Naomi, Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. Do you mean that by refusing to ask God sooner, you were "rejecting" God? And then when you asked Him you were "accepting" Him, so He came? Kind of like when we know the answer to something but don't tell until we are asked?
If people refuse to ask and God refuses to answer until they ask...then I would say, with Naomi K, they are "without excuse."
More thoughts? =)