Saturday, January 10, 2009

May I Ask a Favor?

Sometimes I look at my blog and wonder... "Who reads this?" Even if it's just a peek every now and then, could you post a comment to let me know that you do take a peek? :-)

Also, can you tell me if you find my blog to be boring, interesting or just 'blah'? I love getting feed back!!

Oh... for those of you who can't post comments, just drop me an email. The little envelope at the bottom of the post is for just that purpose. Thanks! :-)

An update on my health: my lungs are clearing up. (I am so happy!) They do hurt a lot more now, I assume because they aren't used to all that wonderful oxygen. But I am getting better. :-) If you took the time to pray for me, thank you! :-)


ASourceOfJoy said...

:raises hand:

I read all your posts, and enjoy them. :-D

Duncan & Suzanne said...

I read and enjoy :-) Keep writing. It's fun to stay connected via the web!

Aunt Suzi

Anonymous said...

Hello Naomi,

We'll be sure to keep you in our prayers. We miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

Hey Naomi!!!
Thank You for sighing our guestbook. Thought I'd come see ur blog since it was on our website!!! Pretty awesome!!! Hope you all are keepin up on ur music!!!!

Naomi Wright

Naomi said...

Hi all! Thanks for your comments. :-)

Naomi, I've been trying to keep up on my music but the past few days, I haven't been. We haven't performed since we moved. Well, there was the small one in May but...

Maybe someday we'll get back into it. :-)

Jessica said...

Since finding out about your blog a few days ago, I've checked in at least three times. I don't always have time to comment; but I do enjoy keeping in touch with you this way. :)

Naomi said...

Thanks for leaving a note, Jess. I know you're busy! :-)

The Krahns said...

Hi! My name is Naomi as well and I'll be 22 in a couple months - I just happened across your blog through Bethany Wissman's and I think I'm going to have to add it to my favorites :)

Ashley C said...

Hello Naomi,
I happened across your blog via Montana Maiden, then Jessica's. As you probably saw, I "followed" from the first time.
I absolutely love your and your sister's blog. The ride from Canada sounded beautiful...And you ride in splitties!!! (Or are they just fullies?) I think it's wonderful! Where did you get the patterns?
BTW, I am an ex-Hidden Wisdomer, home school grad, and 19.
I will be praying for your health.

Naomi said...

Dear Ashley,

Thank you so much for the comment. :-) Yes, the girls do ride in split skirts. We also call them culottes. We have an old pattern from the 90's that has a jumper/culotte pattern combo. It's our favorite. :-)

Thank you so much for the prayers. I do appreciate them!

If you'd like to email me, please feel free to do so!


Hartley Family Blog said...

Love your blog! i always enjoy catching up on things with your family through your blog. Miss you guys!


Singing Pilgrim said...

I'm here now! You'll notice I'm commenting like crazy b/c I'm reading through your blog. Actually, I read through it last night when blogger wasn't working and left my tabs up on all the ones I'd decided to comment on and now that it's working again, I'm going through and commenting real fast, that's why there'll be so many all together. I'm up to September 2010 right now.