Monday, January 26, 2009


My sister Ruth is three years old. I might be a little biased, but I think she's the cutest, sweetest little gal that I have ever met. She has such a tender heart.

When I'm in bed, she'll often sit beside me and hold my hand. And the other day, she leaned over, said, "I love you." Then she kissed my face and said, "You're my sweetheart."

My heart just melted into a big old puddle.

She is not only sweet, she's funny.
Today, Hannah bought her a 'princess dress' at the second-hand store. Ruth came running into my room to show me... "Look, Nomie! Look!" When I had duly admired it, she exclaimed, "I'm going to wear it to my wedding!"

This afternoon, I also found her running circles around my rocking horse. She stopped when she saw me, and said breathlessly, "You know why ::pant, pant:: I'm doing this ::gasp::?"
"No," I said, wonderingly.
"::gasp:: I'm getting ::pant:: exercises!"

Last night, on their way home from church she informed everyone that when she gets to be "Nomie's age" she's going to take vitamin E pills.


Ashley C said...

Oh Naomi, how absolutely funny! What a blessing little sisters must be.
I'll be praying for lots of coughing. :)
Note is being made.

Naomi said...

Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Thanks for the prayers!