Saturday, January 24, 2009

the search continues

The land search was quick this time... My Dad and brother came back home yesterday. In Maple Creek, it was blizzarding and the wind was howling; typical Saskatchewan winter weather. :-P

Jesse said that at one point, they could feel the back of the truck jerk towards the edge of the road.... which just happened to be a steep embankment. He said that it was only because they were in the front of the truck that it didn't go over. Of course, Martha then informed him it was lucky he's so fat. Sibling love is the greatest. hehe.

When they arrived in Saskatchewan, Dad realized all the pictures he had seen on the internet of that area been taken at the park. Said park has trees and generally looked inviting. Needless to say, this trip was unprofitable, so once again, we're out of options. It will be interesting to see what God will bring into our lives. He's always taken care of us before, so I'm not real worried. One nice thing about this excursion was that they were able to stay with some friends in Medicine Hat, Alberta. It is good to be in contact with them again!

When Dad and Jess went through the US border on their way back home, Dad accidentally (he realized afterwards) told the border guard that they had just been visiting friends in Medicine Hat, British Columbia. The funniest part about that mistake was that the border guard didn't even blink. LOL!

I'm not feeling as good as yesterday but definitely better than earlier this week. I always seem to forget how good it is to feel good... but right now, I'm reveling in it. ;-)

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