Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Hand of God

Joy had long since faded
I felt I couldn't see.
I wondered where to step...
Would it be the end of me?
As I stumbled in the way
And fell to the sod,
I felt a hand in mine and realized
That hand was God's.

I'd forgotten He was there,
But I had never been alone.
He had just been waiting
'Til His strength was my own.
Waiting until I was desperate,
Then moving in a way
That Light crashed through my darkness
And changed my winter into May.

I found that I can tell Him
Each one of my dreams,
All of my struggles,
For He knows all things.
The trials that beset me
Are given from above
Sent by my Heavenly Father
From the depths of His love.

Some things may hurt
And send us to tears.
We may feel all alone
And give in to our fears.
But this we must remember
If we are trusting Him,
The hand that's holding yours
Won't leave you on a limb.

You see, He's the dearest Friend
That we could ever have.
With our eyes on His face,
We can walk by His grace.
Knowing that His hand's in ours
And He'll carry us through...
“Lord, we need not fear,
For we're trusting in You!”

--Naomi Holter
July 07