Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes... [which can be taken any way you want]

We have some horses for sale and the other day Dad took along several of the kids to help show one of them to potential buyers. This particular couple had two cute little gals around Uriah (5) and Ruth's (3) ages.

On the way back home from showing the horse, Uriah said, “That was fun!”
Dad asked, “What was fun?”

Uriah grinned, “Oh, I was just showing the girls what I could do.”

Dad was a little shocked, “Were you showing off to those girls?!”
“Naw,” 'Riah said cheerfully, “I was just showing them what a big man I was.”
Hehe... we start 'em early around here! ;-)

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Hartley Family Blog said...

You all look like you're doing well. Miss you! I was wondering if I could get address. I would like to send you a graduation announcement although it is getting kind of late! :D Hope to hear from you soon!