Saturday, August 8, 2009

Unreserv-ed Dull-ness

Life has been the regular busy-ness. I have been trying to practice music, read, write letters, clean up our room, help in the kitchen, get ready for company (tomorrow after church), music camp (the 18th!), talk to my Lord every two minutes all the day long, read my Bible, interact with my family and two million other things. :-)

We have been pretty well lately. Just a bit of a cold. Lydia sounds like a foghorn (a nice foghorn) but it has begun to be silenced more often and her own sweet voice taking over. :-) Hopefully this will be the last for the viruses for awhile. I haven't caught but one of them so far, but I feel sick when everyone else is. LOL! :-) Sympathy illnesses...

Dad has been renovating the downstairs bathroom. A new toilet that conserves on water and a sink that actually works and is big enough for washing children and milk buckets in. :-) They are both welcome additions... especially the former as we have run our well dry at least three times since the beginning of July.
Dad has also purchased a sawmill which will need to be picked up in a couple weeks or so. Also in the plans is a new shop for his custom log furniture.

I have been thinking on subjects for, but not written, three or four blog posts. LOL! I have been thinking a lot of about faith and fear; how it effects our lives and our relationship with God.
And another, more frivolous, subject I have been studying about is names; their meanings, where they originated from and their categories. For instance, did you know that Hillary was originally a boy's name? Does anyone like the name Callum?

This post is dull, so I am going to make it completely and unreservedly duller. Haha. ;-)

Today, I woke up in my own room (Ellie and I braved a couple nights out there... Ellie leaving at 2 am when a couple mosquitoes dive bombed her) to a nightmare. I was about to be shot. Thank goodness I woke up when I did, otherwise, I might be dead. :-P I laid around a bit, recovering from my near brush with death, then got up and ate breakfast (piece of toast with peanut butter and honey). Sat down at my 'desk', after washing breakfast dishes and doing family Bible, to write a letter to my friend Gerda. In the middle of that, Mom came in and announced that we were having company after church tomorrow and that it was up to us five oldest girls to figure out dinner. Pizza is on the menu. I already made the sauce (which ended up being a major operation as we only have paste and I didn't know how tomato paste expands when you're trying to thin it. I ended up with enough for 8 pizzas.) Read a book, practiced music, burned a DVD, played with the baby, helped make supper, and am now on the way to one of our internet sources.

Ya'll have a wonderful week. I hope it is full of joy and laughter and much love.... Yours with some of that love, Naomi :-)


bekah said...

What a horribly boring day... LOL :P:P :):):D:D I know what you mean, although right now I would be glad for a boring day! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for a letter from you!! :) *hint hint*

Your post was nothing like boring... it was interesting!

Where in Canada are you now?


bekah said...

Oh come on, Nessa (it is the Nessa I know, right?:P). Have a little patience girl! :) Just teasing- you and I are alike that way. Got your letter, btw, but will be a while before I get to it. :( Shouldn't be too long though. Love you!

Hey Naomi!

Naomi said...

Haha, Bekah! That's true. There are times that my life has seemed completely too busy. So a nice boring day is quite lovely in a way. :-)

And I've neglected you terribly, Nessa! I will try to write you a letter soon. :-) Thanks for your comment.