Wednesday, December 9, 2009


There are days when it's easy to complain. And there are days when it's easy to be thankful. I know it is good to give thanks at all times but sometimes it seems that is it most important to give thanks when it is such a struggle to not to complain.
Not long ago, the National Holiday of Thanksgiving was celebrated through the United States. In light of that, many people made lists of what they were thankful for and posted them on the internet... some of them were pretty inspiring. So I decided to make my own list of things I'm thankful for. :-)

I'm thankful for...
my family
humor [ours is laced with the above listed]
snow [good neighbors, don't string me up for that... I'll explain :-P]
my health [not out of the woods yet, but my lungs are no longer congested. PTL!]
our church
friends [waves to Lindsey, Gabi & Peter,Klaus, Carol S. and the rest of you :-)]
siblings [a little in the family category but not quite... ;-)]
music [a gift that can be given and shared, much like hugs]
Sara's baby talk and the way she smiles at me
laughter [today, Ellie came upstairs from where she'd been having a good conversation with Martha. She was obviously impressed with Martha's intellect because she said, “Guess what? Martha just discovered that the reason why they make guy's shoes bigger is because guy's have bigger feet.” I said, “And here I thought it was because they had bigger mouths!”] [my dad laughed the hardest :-P]
hair [there's nothing more beautiful than watching my sister's brush their hair and my mom braiding it]
Chocolate [Toblerone milk = best]
Good Neighbors
Jesus Christ
The Bible

There is much more that I'm thankful for, you must believe me. :-) Including that it hasn't hit -40* yet. It has been getting close to it but it hasn't quite gotten down there. :-) I hope that you have a wonderful week, full of joy and good things. Cheers!


bekah said...

I love random lists! They can include anything from clouds to mice to puppy breath to chocolate! :)lol Thanks for makin' me smile. :D Got my letters yet?

Samantha R said...

Good things to be thankful for: I think I could list most of those things as well :)
I'm glad your lungs are clear now!
And yes, chocolate is good!

Naomi said...

Bekah, haven't gotten your letters yet. Maybe this afternoon? :) Glad you like random lists too. It got written up in 5 minutes. Lol! I don't like doing things on the spur of the moment but hey. It got done. :)

Sam, thanks so much for the comment. :) Glad to find another chocolate fan. Any particular kind you like best? My personal weakness is Toblerone. Milk. :D