Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19th, 2010

I apologize for the lack of edited/timed posts lately. I was in town the other day and the internet connection was not working at the library... which messed things up royally. Thankfully, I was able to get a bit of a connection at the Trade Show we played at later on. But I was in such a hurry that I wasn't able to date the posts, so all four or five appeared at once. I have been kicking myself every since then. Lol. Hopefully I didn't overwhelm ya'll with reading!

This morning, we practiced for our show on the 22nd. It's at the hospice... I have been dealing with the temptation of “they're all deaf anyways so our music doesn't need to be perfect” ... :-P These are times that I am glad I'm a perfectionist. Anyway, the practice went very smoothly, for all that was happening simultaneously.

Lydia: needed to do dishes.
Ellie: needed to go outside.
Hannah: flossing her teeth.
Naomi: trying to keep songs rolling smoothly.
Zeke: needed to do schoolwork.
Cilla: ditto
Uriah: wanted to go outside.
Ruth: ditto

We were just getting ready to begin when Cilla said to me, “Nomie! We need to pray!” ;-) :-) :-) I feel thankful that she, of all my siblings, would remember that we needed to do that.

Sara is back to normal. PTL! The day her fever broke, she had quite a rash so Mom put her in a soak for a couple hours. She fell fast asleep while Mom was holding her... and when she woke up, Mom unwrapped her and you could already tell that she felt better. It's so nice to have her laughing and smiling and obviously feeling 100%.

I've been reading a lot lately: Terri Blackstock's “Last Light” and Melody Carlson's “Blood Sisters”. The former wasn't a real favorite but it wasn't bad. Melody Carlson's book was wonderful. I'm pretty sure she wrote another of my favorites, “Finding Alice”. I love both stories. I'll post a review of “Blood Sisters”... it certainly hit a lot of issues that people sometimes don't care to talk about.

Yesterday in youth Sunday school, our pastor/Sunday school teacher taught us about the pride issue. It was interesting thinking how many ways we can be proud. Even about good things. It has made me do a lot of thinking yesterday and today. I think I'm going to have to look up the word in the Bible and make notes. :-)


The Krahns said...

Naomi was often called Nomie in our house, too. Priscilla was called Cilla as well. We've been enjoying your blog.

bekah said...

It was lovely to talk to you!!! :)