Sunday, July 10, 2011

Focus -- Week 1 of the Kenosee Boys and Girls Camp

“That's the nice boy with glasses who's name you cannot ever remember. But I'm the nicer boy with glasses.” --Braeden M.

Children are wonderful. They are so uninhibited and express themselves without qualm. I find such honesty in them and it makes me feel humbled and amazed all at once. This week has been one of great learning, teaching and discovering. The children have been really testing me and forcing me to search out who I am as a person. I really miss my sisters... but at the same time, I am so thankful for a chance to learn more of who I am.

Right now, I'm sitting in the MTC typing on my computer, randomly scratching the mosquito bites on my right ankle with my left foot. Tonight at the church service, my feet got bitten three times in that many seconds. Blah. I hate mosquito bites. They burn for a very long time and swell up. But I have been having a pretty good time otherwise. ;-) Anyways, I'm sitting on a couch, listening to music, watching one of my guys lay on the couch (his tummy has really been hurting all afternoon) and enjoying the company of my fellow counselors. There were only 24 kids this week and 21 counselors, so we're almost one to one with the kids. Lol. They got lots of love this week.

My job is music again. :-)  I thought I was going to have Tylene to help me but it turned out that she is in kitchen. Then, they said that Jesse S. was going to be on music. I was so relieved because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to handle all of the kids on my own. I can't really play and keep them all in line at once. It was hard enough with Hannah and Lydia and myself! Anyways. Jesse S. has been amazing and it has been a really great week working with him. He is really great with kids and plays the piano well. We take turns playing and working with the kids.

Most of the children have been really great. They are so obedient and they cooperate very well. I really enjoy them. But there are always the odd men out... we have two who especially cause us no end of grief. Yesterday (Wednesday) was our worst day, by far. We couldn't get either boy to cooperate; they wouldn't sing, they wouldn't stand still, they wouldn't do the motions, they wouldn't do anything but run around and yell or say inappropriate things. Lol. I lost my patience and got a little snappish with them. I also made them do push-ups. ::sigh:: So today I was going to take a different approach. I told the guys that I wanted to be their friend and yes, I would like them to sing! But if they didn't want to, I wouldn't make them. One of the guys actually sat up and sang and did the motions. Jesse and I were so thrilled. :-) The other guy alternated between sitting and standing, singing and not singing but his face wasn't sullen. He seemed much happier. :-)   

Next week we are not sure how many kids we're having because of the postal strike but we're thinking around 60 -70. It was nice this week to be able to ease into the job and not have that many kids right off the bat. Also, this coming week, I'm not sure I am going to have any help. I am slightly nervous about this. Lol. Hopefully I will be able to think creatively and remember that praying for wisdom is never without answers. 

Cheers! May the coming week be glorious and full of joy. I am rejoicing in the goodness of God and looking forward to the challenges of the coming week.... who knows? Maybe we'll all come down with the flu, like last year! ;-)


Bekah said...

Sounds like a rough week... I hope the rest of it goes better! My day is great~ I got accepted into college! :P

And I had a great time at the week long writer's class...

Samantha R. said...

Mosquito bites are so frustrating and annoying!! I have several souvenirs right now myself =P

I hope that the camp goes well for you despite it all. Or rather, I hope it goes better for you than it's going right now!

Bekah said...

I got your wedding invitation yesterday! The first time an invite has been addressed to me and me alone! lol Now I have to talk to Dad and see what we can work out... will be letting you know if I'm coming soon, hopefully! ;)