Monday, September 3, 2012

Of Retro Styles & Pretty Things: Shabby Apple

I love vintage styles. I love grace, femininity and charm. Even as a little girl, looking at Sears catalogues, watching  figure skating or drooling over wedding magazines, my interest was always focused on anything that hinted "vintage". 
It was a great joy for me when "Retro" and vintage styles became featured in the pattern books and certain online stores. Imagine my surprise when I entered the local clothing shop this summer and discovered that they ran an entire line of vintage echoes! It was like heaven on earth. 
But not all vintage and retro styles catch my eye. Especially as I grow older, my tastes have become more defined. Actually, I have simply become pickier. Lol. There aren't many clothes that I can buy locally that suit my body or satisfy my eye. I crave simplicity... served with grace and a gentle feminine touch. 

Sometimes, I'm lucky.

Enter the world of Shabby Apple
Feel free to let your eyeballs bug a little and your mouth to drop open. 
The thing I love most about Shabby Apple is their wide variety of styles; you don't have to have one type of body to fit into their clothes. They serve the community of women. 
I also appreciate their simplistic styles and detailed fitting remarks.
Take a look at these dresses.

(If you would like to see more views, follow this link.)

(For more views, follow this link.)

Their shoes were also a delight: many flats. Heels and I tend to end up tangled on the floor.

(Follow this link.)

(Isn't this headband adorable?)

This skirt has a nice high waist, loose flow down the hips and hits around the knee. Pretty! 
For price and sizing: follow this link.

These are just a couple of items that caught my eye while browsing this site. Will I ever become the happy owner of these things? I really don't know because I have a hard time spending money on myself. Lol. :-P But, should the occasion arise and I find myself in possession of such riches, I will definitely let you know all the details about shipping, quality of products, etc.,etc. 

Meanwhile, I shall enjoy my browsing as my days permit and ask: what are your favorite websites for vintage and retro clothing?

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