Saturday, November 24, 2012


One of the days in the week that should be reserved for resting. Guess what we did today? Jesse installed our new toilet, which my father-in-law gave to us as an early Christmas present. Btw, we are very happy about that gift. Isn't it amusing what makes you thrilled when you own a house? ;-)

Jesse wasn't entirely sure about installing said toilet because he had never done it before. But I asked... and asked... and he decided that he could probably figure it out. The hardest part was getting the old toilet out. But he did it. I am so proud of him. And happy to have the toilet installed!!

While he was doing that, I spent the entire day baking. Our bosses at work have been planning a Christmas party for a month or so and I was elected to bring some goodies. Ever since I learned of this, I have been plotting and planning. Magazines were pored over; ideas pondered; old recipes from my childhood were tracked down; new recipes snagged. Finally, I had a list. Then, Lydia and I went grocery shopping. Did you know that allspice comes whole (not crushed) in Carlyle? (Thank goodness for my mortar and pestle!)

Thursday, I made pumpkin bread/muffins and banana chocolate chip bread/muffins. Friday night, I made lemon squares and raspberry lemon streusel muffins. Today, I made cranberry almond bark, cranberry walnut rugalach, chocolate vanilla marbled cookies and vanilla cut-out cookies. I made up two separate platters for the party tonight. They're big, beautiful and bursting at the seams.

I have lots of leftovers. I think we will be freezing them for when my siblings come for Christmas. Or for after the play ends on Sunday. Something along those lines. 

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