Tuesday, June 16, 2009

short update

Can you believe it's already June 13th? I feel like I'm still back in March. :-) Except for one thing: the weather. It was quite cool... chilly, in fact, until yesterday. We needed the rain but it would have been nice to have a warmer spring. :-) But summer is here at last and today, the family finally started planting the garden. It was tilled the other day by one of our neighbors and now, in even rows, sticks serving as markers stick out of the soil. Beans and corn.
Some of the family took off to go look at the local greenhouses and pick up some parts in Preeceville and the ones who stayed behind finished planting and started to try to water the seeds. Isn't it funny how all those sprinklers decide not to work? They could at least show a little deference... possibly a bit of understanding for our situation. After all, we did take them with us down to Idaho, where they had a year's rest, then back up here to Saskatchewan! ::wink::
Anyway, after some grumbling about cheap junk sprinklers and how the quality of the product at Home Hardware has shown a steady decrease over time, Jesse finally found a sprinkler that worked. Sort of. The spray of water didn't seem to be going far enough. Jesse thought a little height would help. Cilla ran for a five gallon pail and Jesse put it on top of that. Cheered by the success, we were all standing there talking, when suddenly, the sprinkler flipped off the pail and landed on it's side. Jesse got it at close range, right up his pant leg. He must have jumped 5 inches off the ground. Hehe... Uriah said that it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.
And yes, as you may have guessed, we are safely moved and at our new farm. I am really enjoying it. You all really must come and see it. The scenery is beautiful. The house is cute. The yard, although neglected, shows signs of an experienced gardener at one time. The flowers are arranged so nicely in their beds. Along the house, there are red tulips, ferns and columbines. I was able to weed them partially today but already, I am very pleased with how they look. :-) The more I look around the yard the more flowers I find. I'm beginning to realize how Mary felt in “The Secret Garden” the first few days after she found and opened the door. :-)
Today, I also managed to walk out to the dugout and see the creek. The latter isn't running very briskly at the moment but the dugout is good and deep. We bought a cow from the neighbors, which Ellie is milking twice a day. We're getting more unpacked and sorted out every day. We're practicing music for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration, which we will be leaving for in a couple weeks. Life is full and becoming a little more organized. :-)
The four oldest of us girls are signed up for Kenosee Lake Fiddle Camp in August. I am so excited. :-) We attended in '07 and learned a tremendous amount... we also met a lot of great people and made many friends. So I am greatly looking forward to August. :-)
My health is progressing. Not 100% yet but it gets better. I still have bad days but I haven't had a really bad one for awhile. Good is gooder and bad is less bad. ;-) Hehe... Thanks for the prayers. I appreciate them. :-) It helps to remember on my less-bad-days that people are praying. :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you're safely moved and happy with your house! You must be thrilled the worst things that happened were the weather and the sprinkler. :P

Jessica said...

Hi Naomi,

Glad to hear that you're on a farm again. I know how much that means to your family. I hope you're able to settle well into your new home and community. Sometime, would you e-mail me with your new snail-mail address? Love to you all!