Saturday, July 11, 2009

update... photos

We're back home again. Had a lovely visit with my grandparents and other relatives... I couldn't get over how lovely Washington is in the summer. So green, so lush, so bright.

The singing was a success. PTL! We were worried up until it was time for the performance but when it was time, it went very well indeed.

And, last but certainly not least, we were able to stop in at our friends in Lethbridge and visit them. It's such a blessing to see and talk with close friends. God has been very good to me.

When we got home, I opened another envelope from the package that my friend sent me for my birthday... and found this poem. If you can take the time, will you tell what your thoughts are about this poem? I especially like 2nd, 3rd and 4th stanzas.

God Knows Best

Our Father knows what's best for us,
So why should we complain...
We always want the sunshine,
But He knows there must be rain.

We love the sound of laughter
And the merriment of cheer;
But our hearts would lose their tenderness
If we never shed a tear.

Our Father tests us often
With suffering and with sorrow;
He tests us, not to punish us,
But to help us meet tomorrow.

For growing trees are strengthened
When they withstand the storm;
And the sharp cut of the chisel
Gives the marble grace and form.

God never hurts us needlessly,
And He never wastes our pain;
For every loss He sends to us
Is followed by rich gain.

And when we count the blessings
That God has so freely sent;
We will find no cause for murmuring
And no time to lament.

For Our Father loves His children,
And to Him all things are plain;
So He never sends us pleasure
When the soul's deep need is pain.

So whenever we are troubled,
And when everything goes wrong,
It is just God working in us
To make our spirits strong.

--Helen Steiner Rice

Well, we are almost to our water supplier and internet provider ;-) so I should get this ready to post. :-) God bless you, my readers... and bring you to a more clear understanding of God and his goodness.


Nila said...

I love HSR poetry. She had such a gift of thinking poetically.

Enjoy the pictures and thoughts.

When things slow down here we'll have to come up and see your new place.

Lydia said...

I just got back from WA myself! You're quite right, it's gorgeous. I'm glad to hear that your trip seems to have gone as well as ours. :)