Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More pictures...

Here are some pictures of Sara crawling. ;-) She's such a cute little stinker. lol. :-)

Ya know... I would really like to taste that camera.

Hoooo, wait up! no fair. You keep moving back!

I'm getting closer!

Heh heh... ::slurp:: (that part is fiction)

Fun on the swing today.

Emma was trying to push Ruth. LOL!

Our dear friend Gabriele with Ruth and Sara. We have lots of fun together. :-)


Best Life said...

Oh she is gorgeous! Don't little girls just make your heart melt? I've had four boys in a row now, so I crave pink! Mrs. P~

bekah said...

Enjoyed the pics! :D

Naomi said...

LOL... I know what you're talking about, Mrs. P! And that may sound funny, seeing as I have 7 sisters. :P But I was glad Sara was a girl. ;)

Thanks Bekah. :) Btw, we did get your letters. And thoroughly enjoyed them. ::hugs:: I'm going to try to write you a letter soon.

bekah said...

Good! :) But please don't count on a quick response. :)Or lengthy either, I'm afraid. :( Seems like all I do is school and work, but I know that's not true. :)Hope y'all are well!