Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sick :-(

My sister Lydia is posting this for me today. I am pretty sick. Mom is going to try giving me two soaks (they usually help) but if I'm not well enough by tomorrow, she's taking me to a doctor. Prayers for my health are greatly appreciated. I so do not want to lose another year but I know that God has it all under control. Please pray that I will be able to say goodbye to the fear. Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you girl! *hugs*
May God be with you and give you peace and get lots of rest!

bekah said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Oh and what is a "soak"? :)

Samantha R said...

Praying for you!! I hope you get well soon. *hugs*
Soaks... foot soaks or?

Ashley C said...

Naomi, you are on my heart.
With love,

Best Life said...

Our whole family is praying for you. You are in good hands. Mrs. P~

Naomi said...

Thanks so much for praying! I am feeling a lot better than I was.

A soak is a mixture of organic lemon juice, baking soda and warm water. You dip towels in it and wrap the victim ;) in them, then wrap in plastic (like a big plastic sheet) for as long as you can handle. Two hours is the longest I've stayed in. It draws the toxins from the body and ups the immune system big time. It's amazing and a bit expensive. For me, truly a life saver.

Once again, Thank you all so much for the prayers. It means a lot. :)