Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ladies Time Out 2010 -- with pictures :)

Note: A Special Thanks to my sister Hannah for taking many of these pictures.

Ladies Time Out 2010 “Gonna Take A Sentimental Journey” was a success! I am still completely amazed at how smoothly and quickly the details came together... the result was eye candy. :-)

On the evening of the 19th, everyone involved with LTO and some other volunteers from our church arrived at the school where the event was being held and helped to get things ready for the next day. As you can see, the gym was full and beautiful.

The tables...

The hamburgers and fries you see are were a bit of ingeniousness on Carol Steppan's part. The hamburgers are made of vanilla wafers (bun), red (ketchup) and yellow (mustard) icing, green tinted coconut (lettuce) and a peppermint patty (hamburger). The fries are hickory sticks. The container they are sitting in was first printed out on paper, then cut out by scissors and hand and glued together. We made around 160 of those on the LTO work day, earlier on in the month.

The bouquet was also something we put a lot of work into. The flowers are made of tissue paper, floral wire and lots of elbow grease. I think around 200 of those were made. The 'ice-cream' in the cup is white and tinted pink sugar.

Besides the tables, there were several displays. One held soda (mostly coke-a-cola) memorabilia.. another was all 1950's jewelry... still another displayed a 1950's Betty Crocker cookbook, records, Eaton's catalogue, records, etc, etc. A woman on our committee is an artist and she made a 1950's car out of cardboard... It was fascinating to look at it all. :-)

And there was a dance... They were excellent.

Between everyone involved, lots of clothing was found and/or donated, so the committee decided that the main part of the evening would revolve around a fashion show.

As it turned out, that was the funnest part of the evening for me. Hehe... :-D There were some gorgeous outfits.. those that weren't gorgeous were interesting. ;-) It happened that I had the privilege of wearing two of the most gorgeous. And I had wondered if I would have any at all. It's amazing how God works things out when we're not even looking for it. :-)

Since soda was such big part of the 50's era, we had a soda bar, complete with glasses, ice-cream, soda (4 flavors!) and soda jerks. :-) That was another piece of brilliance on the part of the other ladies in the committee. With the soda jerks, were the servers. Three of my sisters, Ellie, Lydia and Martha were among them and in total, there were around 14 young girls who volunteered. They were kept busy serving, of course, and washing dishes, cutting up the dessert and putting on plates. Many of the servers also doubled as models.

Ladies Time Out had never sold out completely before on any of the other years. But this time, they sold over their allotted 150 tickets. The gym was full... but not overflowing, as they worried it would be. The ladies that attended made a very colorful, appreciative audience. Many of the ladies took up the invitation to arrive in their 50's threads and the variety of costumes was a feast for the eyes! I loved taking pictures of them...

After the music had been sung, the speaker spoke out, the dessert consumed and the clock had struck past ten, the ladies made their way out the door and left the rest of us a mess to clean up. But thank goodness for those guys. They came in with only the promise of dessert and with their muscles and willing hearts, and the mess was cleaned twice as fast as it would have had they not arrived. :-) After everything was back to ship – shape order, they devoured the leftovers and departed satisfied.

Believe me, I slept in the next morning! But it was so worth all of the effort. The fun and fellowship and experience gained... it was a blessing. I am looking forward to next year. :-)


Elisabeth said...

Oh! That sounds fabulous! I wish I could have gone!

Jessica said...

My, but don't you girls look lovely! What fun.

Anonymous said...

It looks like so much fun and I love the vintage dresses too!

bekah said...

That looks like fun! And I sent letters your way about 25 minutes ago. :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of fun was had by all; I can tell! =D