Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 24th

June 24th, 2010

This morning I woke up to thunder. Then, it started pouring. I am beginning to think this wet will never stop! The other day, I was talking to a friend via phone and, in my innocence, said that I didn't think there were mosquitoes in this neck of the woods, because in all the time I had been here, I hadn't seen one. The next day was warm and... guess what? Lol. We're being eaten alive. Fr. Banga has some bug spray but I hesitate to use it as it's not supposed to be good to breathe. I'll live. :-P

And now the sun shines. I can't believe how quickly it goes from being sunny out to pouring buckets to being sunny again. Last night, it rained very hard... hailed a bit, too. It was a little interesting because, firstly, Fr. Banga had to go shut the van windows. When the rain let up just a bit, he held a board over his head and went out. But he abandoned the board on the way in and just as he did, it decided to rain sheets. I've never seen him move so fast. Lol! Then, the wind changed and water started coming in at the end of the hall. The doors was open because Hannah had painted the one corner again and we wanted it to dry. However, the water wasn't helping anything dry so Fr. Banga bade me shut them. The doors open out and they had been blocked open so the wind wouldn't close them. Imagine how wet I got. Soaked. To the skin. In 5 seconds. Lol!

Last Saturday, we got a phone call from Peter and Gabi. They're picking us up on Saturday morning to spend the weekend in Regina. I am happy. :-) :-) :-)

Sunday the 20th: After church, we went to Michele's house. Talk about fun. :-) :-) We had a glorious jam with her and Emily Klatt. And while we were having fun, Will was doing a computer job for Fr. Banga that would have been a nightmare if it hadn't been for him. Thank God for computer people. :-) After the “party” at Michele's, we picked up Sister Lucille and went to supper at Al and Loretta's (remember the story of the bull and the “badge”). I think it was the humidity and the heat and the fact that we'd played so hard at Michele's... the jam with Al was the deadest jam I've ever played in my entire life. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Lol! :-P

Monday the 21st: Painted Mess Hall floor (dark gray) in morning; ate quick lunch; went to Moosomin for our dentist/orthodontist appointment. Anyone seen Gettysburg? I picked it up for $5 at The Bargain Shop. Haven't watched it yet.

Fr. Banga put the heat pump for the pool out into the lake. I'm not positive how it works but using the concept of geo-thermal, they heat the pool with this pump. John came as well as another friend of Fr. Banga's... whose name also is David. Except this David got the string bean gene. ;-) They got in the boat together and it was hysterical watching them. We laughed so hard. But both Davids are clowns and they encouraged the fun.

Our teeth are moving. The first two days were spent on pain killer, as usual. We ate yogurt and Fettuccine with white sauce. Hehe. But they're doing better now. Last night, I actually didn't take painkiller and I slept like a log.

Sorry... the pictures are backwards! Here the pump is being dumped out of the boat. Fr. Banga...

Dear John! He doesn't wear his teeth unless he's eating because he claims he can't get enough oxygen while wearing them. Lol. I'm so glad to have all of my own teeth. I need all the oxygen I can get. :D

Lydia with the cable. Hannah and John with the pipe.

Tuesday the 22nd : Gave the Mess Hall floor another coat of paint. Prayed that it sticks. We had tried to paint a corner of the floor a couple weeks ago and even walking on it, the paint would come off. I had visions of a gray floor with red peaking through at intervals... anyways, I prayed. Really hard. Lol. If there is anything I dislike, it's having to re-do a job.

After the painting was complete, we worked in Music Room #2 with the chesterfields. Fr. Banga and Hannah screwed the stands onto the bottoms of the chesterfields and I sorted screws. Lydia painted the green on the front of the stage and hauled garbage. After I finished with the sorting of the screws, I gave the front of the stage a second white coat of paint. We did about 10 other odd jobs that aren't horribly big but make such a difference when they're all done. :-)

Wednesday the 23rd: I had been dreading painting the mural. Lydia and Hannah did all the “inside” colors but it needed a black outline to be completed. I am no artist. I wasn't sure if I could do it well enough because if the paintbrush slips just a little, well... anyways. But I began at it right away. My idea is to try to get the worst over with as soon as possible. :-P It went ok. I'll try to post some pictures with this blog entry so you can see what we did with it. I am not entirely pleased with the finished product... mainly because of Jesus' facial features. Blah. (again, I am so not an artist! :-P) Fr. Banga said that it looks like someone gave Jesus a black eye. ::snort:: But it's ok. I feel such a sense of relief to have that done. :-)

Lydia cut all of the grass. Hannah did a million and one odd jobs. Fr. Banga fixed stuff that only he could fix. Life is ok. :-)

Working on the mural...

The finished product.

June 26th: We're in Regina at Peter and Gabi's... having a wonderful time. :) The fellowship is so refreshing. I feel like I'm resting. :) Talk to ya'll later.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, the mosquitos got me yesterday...and just last week we told people we didn't have them yet.

Hope the heat pump works on the lake...what a novel idea!

I feel for you...getting braces tightened was always a trial for a few days afterwards.

The mural is really nice and the pic of you painting on it put the size of it into perspective.

rebekah said...

I enjoy your interesting updates! :) They make me laugh a lot! :) :P I sent y'all letters today!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, your teeth are moving; I remember those days and the pain. Painkillers are friends ;)
That and soft foods...

The mural looks nice for not being an artist! I think you did a good job!