Monday, June 21, 2010

June 9th

June 9th, 2010

So, the past few days have been crazily busy. And when I was resting, I only wanted to do just that. Lol! Today was spent cleaning the pool. We got it done in 5 ½ hours! It is such a relief to be finished with that job because it had been looming over our ('our' includes Fr. Banga, as well) heads since the day we arrived at camp. It wasn't as bad as they've had it in some years. The algae was only a skim that the acid could eat away in a few minutes. Still, cleaning the pool was probably the hardest job we've done so far.

Al H. came to help. It was a good thing, too. Fr. Banga needed his experience and we needed the extra set of hands. The girls had great fun tossing the dozens of frogs that had congregated in the pool over the fence. The acid killed them whenever they came in contact with it so we tried to get them out as soon as we could. There were also some salamanders that the girls showed Fr. Banga, much to his discomfort. He keeps saying, “They stuck them right in my face! Why did God make lizards anyhow? They're so ugly!” Lol!!

The water had gotten under the pool and had made wrinkles in the rubber surround. Fr. Banga helped us some with straightening but afterwards it was us girls. We finally got it down and it went pretty fast. But by the time we were finished, I was so tired and glad that when Lydia asked, “Anybody crying yet?” I almost said yes. ;-) I've never worked on anything so frustrating.

We tried to pump most of of the water out of the pool but since the pool hadn't been cleaned yet this year, there was a lot of sand/dirt/leaves/dead mice/etc that plugged up the hose ending. We ended up dipping it out by five gallon bucketfuls and using a shop-vac.

The best part of the job? Getting to use the pressure-washer. :-) The very last wash, Fr. Banga told me I could do it. I think he'd seen me eying him and Al H. when they were using it. :-) Hehe. I was surprised at the pressure... It kept trying to get away from me. :-)

Saturday the 5th, Fr. Banga took us to the family farm in Stockholm, where we spent the day. His brother and family live there. They gave Lydia two horses that they were just going to send to the auction. We called the family and they came down to pick them up. It actually worked out quite well... they had just sold one of Dad's horses, so he was in the mood. :-) Ellie came with her fiddle so we had a bit of a concert later on in the evening. I hadn't realized how much we missed her... and her fiddle. ;-)

June 15th, 2010

I cleaned windows for 5 hours today. It was so good to hear Fr. Banga say, at 3 pm, we'd done enough work for the day! :-) Hannah cut wood. Lydia did all around odd jobs.

The past 3 days or so I haven't been feeling quite normal... my energy has been down. I finally realized that it might be the Pine-Sol cleaner we've been using. So I'm going to stay away from it and watch my energy sky-rocket again. Lol.

I'm so tired tonight. But I had a good day. We watched “Charlie's Ghost” this evening. Definitely a kid's film but it was hilarious. The guy that played Coronado's Ghost was a real ham and some of the things he did had us holding our sides. Very fun. :-)

John has been here more lately... there has been a lot of things he needed to fix... for instance, one of the valves in the main washrooms was leaking. Fr. Banga had to go to Carlyle for a meeting so I ended up being a helper (I hope, anyway!) to John. All the while I'm fetching wrenches, clamps, etc, etc, he kept a running commentary of what he was doing to fix the problem (I enjoyed this) and when he finished, he stood and said, “Now we turn on the water. I'm positive I did a fabulous job, but I want to make sure.”

John makes the sun shine brighter. :-)

I'm so tired. Lol! My brain just isn't working properly for writing. :-P :-)

Please pray that God will be glorified through us. And pray that if it's God's will, I'll feel 110% again. I am learning, once again, about trust.

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