Friday, August 27, 2010

July 24th

July 24th, 2010

This past week has been a week of pondering... Situations... People... What does God want me to learn from this? How does God want me to act? Does He want to use me to bless someone? If so, how?

Jesse, Caitlin and myself were assigned to Cabin 1, in which resided the oldest boy campers. I had been dealing with a cold/cough for a couple days and on Sunday, I was whispering. My voice was absolutely gone. Lol! That night was rough, like last week but I think it wasn't as much as a shock because I was half expecting it. One of the boys in our cabin is a natural leader and all the boys followed him. He isn't evil like the kid in wk 2 but is at changing point in his life. What kind of a man is he going to be? Cross-roads like these are always the most difficult and I am afraid that I was really bossy this past week. :-P But as stretching and difficult as the week was, there were more blessings. And yes, even though the past weeks have been wonderful, this week was more wonderful.

I had the Four Blondes. See picture. When I first saw them, I honestly thought I had two sets of twins on my hands. As it turns out, two of the blondes are brothers and the third is their cousin. The fourth is no relation at all but he looks so much like Owen Wilson that it makes up for it. Lol. ;-) I also had Riley, Conor, Harley, Jeff, Kevin, Jordan and Christian. They got the Most Macho Cabin award. :-) The best part of the week was when they were wrestling in their cabin and I popped in for chat. At first I was worried because they make the most agonized faces and noises... but after I learned the rules of the game, I stopped worrying. They were pretty conscientious about hurting each other.. we only had to run for the nurse once and Brayden was ok after I wiped the blood out of his hair. (And I'm not being sarcastic, honest. He was just fine.) I think I'm going to be more understanding of my brothers when I get home. :-) Hehe.

It's amazing how each boy was so different than the next. And so fun drawing each of them out to see what special talents they had. Riley, for instance, is an awesome worker and can draw like you wouldn't believe. Kevin treats his sisters like princesses and is such a gentleman. Christian is intense, as Kevin says. Everything about Christian is intense. He can carve, he can fight, he is really, really strong... I told Kevin that everything he said was true but Kevin was just as intense in his own way.

It was a pleasure getting to know them all.


Anonymous said...

Boys WILL be boys! They look so much alike; they really do!

Naomi said...

I know! And it didn't help matters that Andrew and Brayden decided to take each other's names the first day they were at camp. Lol. They kept insisting that they were each other. Lol!!