Monday, August 30, 2010

Pictures from Wk 1 -- Kitchen Party 2010

I love beautiful violins and this is one of them. I took many pictures of it that week but this is my favorite. Imagine the tones coming from it.

Ken Jefferson. My teacher from the first week. He is amazing. I learned so much theory from him in just five days. Very generous man. Very funny. Very talented.

Lauren, one of the kids in our cabin. She was a lot of fun and dedicated to music. So good to see.

Daniel K. while teaching banjo class. I was peeking through the tent wall trying to get this picture and it must have looked amusing. :-P

Two crazy Irish-men. Jim with his hand o'er his mouth and Damien pointing at him. Oh yeah.

I love Emily D. (front) she's so much fun to be around. :)

playing the piano in concert. It's one of those beautiful memories that makes me smile.

Jamming around the campfire.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful instruments and I can imagine the beautiful music coming from them!

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of the violin. and those funny Irish guys =P Gotta love the Irish!

rebekah said...

Nice to see so many pics!

Naomi, I have a blog now! It is on my new site

Also, to all of you reading Naomi's blog, you are welcome to check out my site too! :)

Emily said...

Hi Naomi...and everyone else! :)
Just wanted to leave this blog link...hope y'all will check it out!