Monday, November 7, 2011

Boring-ness That Makes Me Really Happy

Several times I have tried to sit down and write a post but something has always gotten in the way. But! Victory! Today, a student of mine had to reschedule her lesson to another day so I had an hour and a half before theatre. Perfect time to scratch out some emails and a much needed update for Treasuries. :-)

Major happenings? Not many of those. Just every day, beautiful life. :-) I think I prefer it that way.

 Lessons. 13 students. Progress. Happiness. I honestly cannot imagine anything more fulfilling than teaching music. It's like you're changing lives with every lesson. If I can keep these times full and interesting, fun and entertaining, hope-filled and progressive... well, these wonderful young people will go places. Not necessarily the stage but when you play  music, you are fulfilled. You can entertain and fulfill needs and desires... both yours and others. Each student is different... different home life, mind set, values, struggles and victories. But they are all important to me and music is becoming part of them.

Last night (15th) we went to a house concert in Forget and listened to Woody Holler and His Orchestra. It was such a treat. Daniel Koulack (he played at our wedding) plays bass in this band so it was another reason I really wanted to go. :-) They were amazing. It's a Western Swing band but they play all kinds of music. Some of it was old country (Woody sang in Spanish...), some of it was old cowboy (Don't Fence Me In, etc) and other stuff was very jazzy (Honeysuckle Rose). What a treat for the ear! Jesse video taped the second half of the show for them and in payment for his services, they gave us a cd. We got it signed by all the guys and promptly forgot it at Michelle's house. Lol! Thankfully we see M. often due to theatre practice so she get it to us sooner than later.

Speaking of theatre, it is going well. We have several of my students involved. Actually we have about five people who haven't been in our theatre group before so it has been interesting to try and find a place for everyone. But it is coming along great. The story is the usual A Christmas Carol but it has been Remixed. :-) Jesse is Scrooge this year. It's funny watching him be so nasty to everyone because he's usually so decent. Haha!

And then there's work. Two of the girls are leaving... one because of maternity and the other because... well, just because that's who she is. :-) I will miss her. Good news is that I *love* the floor manager (and she's staying!). She is an amazing human being who has problems like the rest of us but rises above them and treats everyone equally. She's gold.

They finished insulating the porch and tore down the door and wall the separated the kitchen from the porch. The house seems so much bigger. I love it. They plan to finish it when spring/summer rolls around again. I am  looking forward to the day when it is all finished and we have a brand new kitchen with all of our wedding gifts in it. Right now, most of them are upstairs sitting on one of the beds, waiting for their own little space.

Stuff keeps us busy: parties, Remembrance Day, picking up paintings from Jesse's Grandma's place, learning to live with the cold weather, trying to keep healthy.

I got the flu again a week or so ago. 11 days was how long the first one took... thankfully, the second bout didn't last as long. I actually started to write a blog post when I was down with it but decided not to. When I'm not feeling 100% I tend to complain about the fact. There is simply enough complaining in the world without me adding to it. (So say I bravely today!)

Those are some of the highlights of the life of Naomi. What has been happening in your life? Is the flu going down where you're at as well? What music has inspired you lately? Have you made a dish that you have been very pleased with?

Well, the evening is upon me so I should close this up. Cheers my dears! :-)


Anonymous said...

Jessie is scrooge; LOL!! Haha! I can imagine...

sorry to hear you had that flu again. =/ But at least you are feeling better now.
No, no flu here thankfully! :)

My brothers are coming home today after a month of being home and we are sooo excited! They've been down at the G-parents, working like there's no tomorrow and the project is finally done. They're taking the train home; a new experience for them.

Naomi T. said...

He has lines where he is yelling at his poor employee and the first few times, the rest of us couldn't stop laughing. Of course, he is always the clown so that doesn't help with the serious factor. :P

Glad there is no flu at your house!!

Glad your brothers are finished with the project. What were they working on? Guys are great to have around for that sort of thing. ;) One of these days I am going to have to take a train ride somewhere nice. :)

Elisabeth said...

It's ok, I do enough complain for both of us!

Seriously, though, I hope you can avoid sickness for awhile!

Naomi T. said...

Sometimes complaining is healthier than being silent. Silence can make bitterness. Complaining gets it out into the open. But if it's at all possible, I still try to find the good in every situation..

I am taking supplements like crazy. So much sickness going around this part of the country. Ya'll stay healthy too.