Sunday, January 15, 2012

LIFE As We Know It

I love setting up kitchen. I love the intricacies of learning about new ovens, cookie mixers, frying pans, scrapers, spatulas, dishes, sinks, etc. When we bought our house, a lot of stuff came with it; the kitchen had a lot of dishes and appliances in it. Still others were given to us through our three wedding showers and wedding gifts. But there were a couple things that we actually didn't receive among our many gifts and one of those things was a hand mixer.

I can mix a lot of stuff by hand but for something like cookies, I could be using the extra time elsewhere. So a few months ago, we went to the local Home Hardware and picked up this really nice little mixer. It's awesome. It has seven different speeds, two different kinds beaters, sturdy little engine and a nice long cord.

But you must understand something: mixers and I have a troubled history. There was the time that I was trying to retrieve a measuring spoon from the bowl of whatever I was making and accidentally turned on the mixer. I nearly broke my finger. I'll refrain from divulging other disasters!

With this mixer, I really adore every feature of it... except one: it's On/Off button is in the same exact spot as the Beaters Eject button my mom's mixer. Imagine what has happened more than once? Yeah. Cookie dough/cake batter/etc all over myself and the cupboards. The first two times, I did laugh. I should stop encouraging myself!

Do you have a memorable baking/cooking experience that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear it!!

They're working on installing our washing machine and dryer in our utility room today. I am so happy. It will be so nice to stay at home and do laundry... So blessed to have a husband and father-in-law who are very capable for doing these sort of jobs.

The utility room before the washing machine and dryer. Jesse still had yet to glue the linoleum down. He used my bamboo rolling pin for part of the job. Lol!

Talking about how far I'd have to reach every time I did laundry if they were to stack the units...

Other than these things, life has been going on as usual. I gained another student and there is a possibility of three more. Exciting. :-) Jesse is feeling so much better now that his shoulder has stopped hurting so much. He went to a massage therapist and it worked wonders on him. It's such a relief for him... and for me. His pain is mine, I suppose. 

Well, I should close this up and scoot. Oh. Question: are all front loading washing machines stack-able? They decided not to stack ours for a couple reasons but it's puzzling because when we picked out the set, they said we could stack it.. However, with the controls where they are, it seems like ours can't be stacked. The internet didn't turn up much by way of answers so I thought I'd leave the question here. 

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