Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Only One Wish

The other evening, Jesse and I watched an episode of "Once Upon A Time". In this particular segment of the story, a King finds a golden lamp. He rubs it and out pops a Genie. The Genie asks the king what he wishes for and the kings replies that he has everything he could ever want or need, so he wishes the Genie to be set free.

If I were to find a golden lamp with a genie in it, I would have the same sentiment as the King. I am so happy and so content. Life isn't perfect but I don't want it to be: there should be a few things to complain about. ;-)

But I had a dream two nights ago in which I found a lamp. I don't remember rubbing it (I wouldn't... the Genie in the t.v. caused enough trouble to set me off of rubbing golden lamps forever) however, before I knew it, there was a Genie asking me what I wished for and I realized my innermost heart yearned for one thing more: that every person I ever was in contact with would feel Love -- pure and selfless.

 Because once you have felt it, you can never be the same.

Nearly every person who has lived in this world has been given rejection... anger... hatred... judgement... mockery.... abuse... abasement... These are emotions and actions that we have all felt. They are so common. So much more common than love.

Why? Perhaps because of a million different reasons.

It's up to us. No one forces us reject others. No one makes us accept them. It is our decision, in the end. It's up to us to change the world... one person at a time.

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