Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pictures of Adorable Siblings

We went to see them. Oh yes, we did.
It was a good visit.

I know ya'll wanted to know what Uriah's tongue looks like.

Jesse enchanted them with his music. 
He always does.

Sara and Ruth thought it was good enough to dance to.
Little girls should always dance....

Cilla was leery of my camera but I won her over.
She has a beautiful smile!

Because there was company, the kids got all rowdy.
Here is The Horse (Zeke) and the three Lone Rangers (Ruth, Sara and Uriah).

The day we went up, a book came in about Saskatchewan. It was for kids and I knew my little sisters would like it. Sara finally got it away from Ruth and is being all studious. :-)


Mountain Mama said...

What beautiful children! I've noticed in your pictures that the girls and women wear long dresses or skirts and wear their hair long. Do you mind me asking if this is a part of your faith, or the style where you live in Canada? I think it's very pretty and I love the braids. It makes me sorry that I cut my hair.

Naomi T. said...

They are beautiful. :)

My family is a sect of religion unto themselves. Lol. They simply call themselves Bible believers. They do attend the local evangelical Mennonite church. However, the other people who attend that fellowship hold very different views on dress, hair, etc.

Personally, my views are a lot different than my parents' views but I am learning that such things (differences) are actually an acceptable (and unavoidable) part of life. :) :) :)

In your pictures, you hair is longer. When did you have it cut? I have heard that shorter lengths of hair can be much easier to deal with.

Mountain Mama said...

I would love to visit a Menonite Church. I don't know too much about Menonites but I spent some time studying the Amish for a class that I took last semester, and I'm fascinated by them. I love it when I see them, which is very rare. I ran into an Amish man driving a horse and buggy back in the fall, and he had a little toddler in the front seat with him. I waved, and he waved back. I think I would love a simpler lifestyle away from all the distractions of the world... that is except for the computer!!!

I hope my question wasn't offensive in any way. It's just that, where I am from, there are several religious groups wbere the women wear long skirts and have long hair, such as the Mormons and the Quiverfuls. I don't know the rest of the groups because I have been a Southern Baptist Christian my whole life.

And yes, I cut my hair :) It's shoulder length now and it has long layers. I have sideswept bangs too. I really like it because it looks healthy, and I can wear it many different ways. I do, however, want to grow it back out, but I want to be sure to take good care of it so it will be very healthy this go 'round.

Thanks again for responding. I enjoy your blog very much!

Naomi T. said...

Hey! Sorry for taking so long to reply. My life has been incredibly full the past week. Or so. Haha.

No, I'm not offended that you asked about my family's beliefs. (I hope I didn't come across as offended!) People have asked for years and will continue asking, because my family does not fit into any religious order. They are not Mormon, Mennonite, Hutterite, Amish or JW. Lol. ;)

I have studied all of these religions and more over the years, wondering what differentiated them from my family. The answer was: very little. While each religion differs a lot on the outer points, they all have a basis in the same ideas: Essentially, you rely on such your traditions, your religious beliefs, your non-acceptance of other religions, etc., etc., to get you to heaven (or wherever you believe you are going).

The longer I live, the more I realize that the simple life comes from the realization of love and acceptance for others and yourself. You can live without power and drive a buggy, but that won't give you peace. Only God can grant that. Through this, we *can* have our heaven on earth.

But I didn't mean to preach. ;) These are just some things I've been thinking about lately. I appreciate you giving me a chance to think about them.

Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate it. I love reading yours, too. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to read any other blogs lately... yours included. Here's hoping for a chance to do that soon!!