Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Smelled It.

Yesterday, I was at the store and a customer came in. She had white hair, a gentle appearance, was very alert ... and she looked a little lost. I went to her and asked if I could be of service. Yes, she replied, do you have any lotion that could go under makeup? As we walked across the store, she told me she was 88 years old and, through the years, had seen so many changes in the world. I asked her which change was the biggest but we arrived in the lotion aisle before she could answer. We started looking at lotions that would be gentle on her skin and not too greasy for makeup. I picked up two different ones: Vaseline, unscented and Vaseline Chamomile; both were intensive rescue. Since my allergies react to strong fragrance, I had the presence of mind to smell the chamomile lotion. I did not want to send her home with a lotion that might affect her badly. However, my sinuses were not in smelling mode: I couldn't smell anything in that lotion. So, I squeezed the bottle. Just a little. There must have been an air bubble. Suddenly there was lotion on my face; in fact, there was lotion in my nose. It wasn't a lot but enough to make me jerk away from the bottle and get a rather startled look. The funny thing was that this lady started giggling and giggling. The more she giggled, the more I giggled. It was a good moment in the life of Naomi.

 Btw, Vaseline Chamomile Intensive Rescue lotion does actually smell good... and it's not strong at all. I know. I smelled it.


Lindsey said...

I'm still laughing about this incident! =D

Naomi T. said...

So am I! :) I am glad it tickled more than one funny bone. :) :) :)