Friday, June 29, 2012

My Favorite Things

...waking up next to my husband in the morning.

...getting on the internet and finding out that my friend Elisabeth has had her long awaited baby!

...seeing my younger siblings. (We have plans for Boston Pizza tonight!)

...going to work in the early morning.

...only working until 4:30 pm because you have plans for Boston Pizza with the world's cutest siblings.

...finding out that Las Vegas has the cheapest, fanciest, cleanest hotels you've ever seen so you can actually afford to stay somewhere nice.

...anticipating the familiar faces of aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents.

...eating chicken ceasar salad for supper that has hot chicken on it. Oh so good!

...finding inspiration in others.

...finding inspiration in the Infinite, holy God.

...drinking a chocolate protein shake.

...eating pizza with my siblings and enjoying their brilliance. (Do you get the sense of how happy I am to get to see them again?)


Nila said...

You sound happy and like you really enjoyed family time! Years ago when all the kids were quite small and we were heading down to Fresno, CA to visit my brother and family, we stayed at circus circus where it was almost free. The kids loved all the things to do, won piles of toys and stuffed animals, the food was next to nothing and you wouldn't believe what we did - we (actually mostly Garry as I hate the atmosphere in those places - gives me the willies and someone had to watch the children) actually made several hundred dollars instead of gambling. The Cdn dollar was at a terrible rate - something like a dollar forty Cdn for a dollar U.S. My thrify "savvy, Jewish-minded" husband saw an opportunity to make some money to help pay for the trip. They were taking Cdn money at par in the casinos to encourage Cdn. travelers, but would only let you get one roll of quarters at a time. So he would take his Cdn money and get rolls of quarters from different employees here and there throughout the casino, collect a bunch of rolls, bring them back to the room, open them up and go cash them in. He "played" the "strip" this way and as we were there a couple days and with his determination, he actually made a few hundred dollars. I still shake my head, but we didn't have much money in those days and it was kind of neat to have extra money for the trip.

Naomi T. said...


Jesse and I thought your story was hilarious. That was very quick thinking on Garry's part. :) Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to Vegas!!!!