Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trip 2012 -- Alberta, British Columbia

Alberta has their windmills.

We love holding hands.

The first night, we spent in Kimberley, BC. This is where Jesse's dad, Paul, is building a house that will be absolutely gorgeous.

Showing me how to hold the jack hammer.

Paul and his life-long friend, Rick.

On the road through BC.... 

The passes were steep going up and going down. There were quite a few runaway lanes.

I liked this car a lot. 

I'm learning to be a navigator. Map reading has never been my forte but I'm learning... fast. Haha!

It rained off and on all day. Major rain.

We had a flat tire. We were going 100 km's so we're glad the car (and we) survived without a scratch.

The rain let up while we were changing the tire, thankfully! We went back down to Grand Forks and bought a tire from them. They were very helpful and sold us a good, used tire for $50.

Osoyoos, BC. We decided that we're going to go back to this place and visit. It is, simply put, the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

My favorite road sign! This part of the country was all vineyards.


Nila said...

We were privileged to live in the Osoyoos, Penticton area for 13 or so years. It is beautiful and we miss the fresh fruit and beautiful lakes. Many wonderful family memories - friends, fellowship, fun, adventures and much much more. But, the Lord moved us on and so we made other amazing memories in SK too. We do miss the mountains and the varied scenery.


Lindsey said...

Osoyoos is a beautiful place. I've been through there at least a few times. Love the tractor crossing picture. :)

Neat to see the so familiar picture of the windmills. Even though I do like it here, AB will always be a part of me. :)

Naomi T. said...

I didn't realize you had lived in the Osoyoos area, Nila. It would have been hard to leave it, but I'm glad we had a chance to meet you all. :)

Lindsey, I thought of you immediately when I saw that tractor crossing sign. :)

The windmills are very majestic. And I think we all carry with us places we invested years/months.