Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blue Glasses For the Sun Grow Legs

I have two pairs of sunglasses at home in Saskatchewan. The morning we left on our trip, I was driving and the sun came out. That was when I discovered that I had left both pairs back in the house. Unfortunately, my eyes are such that when the sun is out, I need sunglasses to drive. So, at a gas station in Alberta, I saw a rack with sunglasses on it and found a really cool blue pair that I liked. They were cheaper but were comfortable and they looked good on me. So I purchased them and proceeded to grow rather fond of them.

Today, the roses along the pond in California Adventure beckoned to me and I took a dozen or so shots. Then the brilliant idea came to me: why not have my dear, patient husband take my picture with the roses? In preparation for this operation, I took off my snazzy blue sunglasses and laid them on the backpack, handed my camera to Jesse and posed. Two minutes later, Jesse picks up the backpack... and no sunglasses. They had grown legs and walked away. 

At first I was very upset. Jesse assures me that I didn't say much, but I can assure you that I was fighting tears. It didn't help that we were so tired (it was our third day at Disneyland/California Adventure) and hot (the sun came out today, finally!). I started praying that God would work out and I would get my sunglasses back. I prayed that whoever had my glasses would do the right thing and return them. 

Part of the reason I was upset was because Disneyland/California Adventure is a special place. You just don't worry about certain things, like... theft,for instance. I felt perfectly safe leaving my sunglasses on the backpack (which was laying on the ground, 6 ft behind me). When that person took my sunglasses, they disturbed the spirit of trust and honesty of the place. The other part of me was upset that I had spent over $20 on a pair of sunglasses, only to (through foolishness on my part) lose them and waste that money. 

Fast forward two minutes: a float was coming down the street and we were trying to get somewhere else, so we were making our way down the sidewalk. People were everywhere. Suddenly, I spotted a Nikon lens cap laying on the sidewalk. It almost got stepped on three different times before I got there and picked it up. I didn't know where the Lost and Found was, so I handed it to a security officer and off we went. 

Fast forward several hours: we had just come off of the California Screamin' (a huge roller coaster that is awesome... among other things, you go upside down on it) and I looked down beside my foot and there was an earring. Not just a small earring, but a big, expensive looking earring. Again, I had no idea where the lost and found was located so I took it to a security officer. 

My eyes are beginning to close here so I will get to the point(s) of my tale: (1: my glasses are still running and probably will never come back to me. (2: God answered my prayer in a completely different way than I anticipated. (3: I am completely at peace and over the situation. That's called God's answer. (4: Even if I had not been hyper aware of lost/stolen personal belongings, I think I would have done the right thing and taken those items to security. However, maybe I wouldn't have seen them or perhaps, had been too lazy to do anything if my sunglasses hadn't been stolen. (5: Once again, God's way is always best. Even if we don't understand it. However, if we can come to that place of simple faith, we do catch a little glimpse of his glory. (6: Note to self: don't be lazy. Put your belongings in a safe place. :-) (7: I'm so glad they didn't take the backpack.

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