Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 Trip -- Washington 3 -- Multnomah Falls & Ice-Cream

Uncle Chet and Aunt MaryPat treated us to ice-cream this afternoon on our way to Multnomah Falls...

While eating ice-cream, I spotted this car. Very cool.

The dog is wearing a life-vest!

My favorite picture of the day. Complete with an American flag. ;-)

When we were at Multnomah Falls, we decided that a picture was necessary. Good memories!


The very top of the falls.

Lily found it! The falls should be renamed in her honor. :-D

There was so much spray in the air.

Such a beautiful family! My only wish is that I could have included Kylie in this picture. Ah well. Next time!

The rainbows from the spray and glancing water make the rocks even more beautiful.

Ava and Lily pose through a tree. Aren't they adorable? :-)

Chet and MaryPat... 11 years next month.

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